How is the scale of the models calculated

Calculate the scale - formula, example & explanation - this is how it works

It is mainly known to hobbyists and collectors, but everyone who has ever used a card has already been confronted with it. We're talking about scale. This is an indication of the size ratio of the present one Model or the map to the one shown there original. The aim of the scale is to be about a car in correct proportions to be shown reduced.

This is how the scale is calculated

First of all, it is important to be aware of whether the original is being reduced or enlarged. When specifying the scale, the original always with the number 1 because it represents the original size. Do you want an object enlarged represent, for example a cell of the body, then the scale of the copy is given first.

An example of this would be a scale of 10:1. But you want the model smaller than the original, so will the scale with 1:10 specified.

It is important that the Proportions of all details must be taken into account. If an original component of a car has a length of 10 cm and the scale is 1:10, then the component in the model must have a length of 1 cm. If another component is 8 cm long, it may only measure 0.8 cm after it has been copied. In this way, the proportions of the entire replica remain consistent.

Formulas for calculating the scale

Steps for calculating a yardstick

  • The original must be measured step by step and component by component. A uniform unit should be used for this. For this offer centimeter at. Accordingly, every meter should be converted into one hundred centimeters.
  • Assume that the original measures three meters. Converted to centimeters, that's 300 cm. You want to display it at a scale of 1:10, so you need to have the original length of 300 cm through 10share. The result is 30 cm. In your model, the component must therefore have a length of 30 cm.
  • Conversely, it means that the model you make will end up with a Image scaled down ten times of the original. Every centimeter of the model corresponds to an original length of ten centimeters and the scale of your work is therefore 1:10.

Example 1:

You have an original car that is 5 meters long and you have a small model of the car that is 20 cm long.

Now we calculate the scale according to the following formula:

Now let's plug the numbers into the formula:

and get the result 25.

This means that the model car is reproduced on a scale of 1:25.

Now test your knowledge on our exercise on the subject of calculating a scale!