Have you ever lost a wheel nut?

Tightening torque rims - WolfKoeln - 25.02.201220:17

Hello community, so far the rim has always been tightened hand-tight by feeling.
Then saw one in Kerpen with his bike flying ...
How much torque should it be exactly?

thank you for the information

RE: Tightening torque for rims - spiceratwork - 26.02.201208:35

Self-locking nuts help prevent the wheel from pinching.
Otherwise I always stick to the rule "Put it on, but after it comes off tightly."

I've also seen someone lose their bike a couple of times.
Usually there was botch, torn off bolts or wheel bolts without safety.

RE: Tightening torque for rims - mmkiter - 11.05.201219:58

I have little experience (have only been riding for a month) but have already made the acquaintance of loose bikes. The self-locking nuts also apparently age, the rubber insert becomes hard and the securing is over. In my case, the pins (threaded pins) have turned out. I provided all pins and nuts with Loctite screw locking and renewed the self-locking nuts. They are fixed, but I will report soon if I will ever get them resolved when the first tire change is due. I noticed a loose bike quite late so that all sorts of aluminum chips had accumulated.

RE: Tightening torque for rims - blue burner - 11.05.201221:13

Hello youngsters of the quick break

So I would not have provided the NUTS with Locktite, the bolts (http://www.keep-racing.de/product_info.php?info=p7686_stehbolzen-fuer-radstern-m8x37mm.html) in the wheel spider actually not because you have them with screw the shorter side in as far as it will go and then they just don't go out anymore, but it can be if the wheel stars are a bit older this is a solution.

At the beginning I also "lost" a wheel, it was also my fault, not checked often enough whether it was "tight", and I was / am also of the opinion that these stud nuts / cylinder nuts http://www.keep-racing.de/product_info .php? info = p7046_radmutter - zylindermutter-m8-d-15mm-h-30mm.html are not as optimal as there is no circlip, but very, very many use them without probes. I rather use those with a rim and a little "higher" http://www.keep-racing.de/product_info.php?info=p10627_flanschmutter--radmutter-mit-ring--nyloc--selbstsichernd--m6.html, for the rims where otherwise only the stud nuts fit, many take these http://www.keep-racing.de/product_info.php?info=p12646_radmutter--flanschnut-- backup nut-m8-sw10--12-st----2699 -.html.

And I think with 22-25 NM you are on a good side (M8 max 28NM)


RE: Tightening torque for rims - CRGRacer94 - 12.05.201212:03

If you tighten the screws properly, you won't lose a nut without a lock!

I've always driven this:

They don't have a fuse either, but I've never lost a bike either. Simply tighten properly, done!
Ok, if you have magnesium rims, you are probably better off with the copper nuts, because they do not damage the material so extremely ...