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Battery life: With these 10 tips, your smartphone will last a lot longer

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Before we get to the 10 tips that will help you to extend the battery life of your smartphone in detail, a few introductory words: Basically, it can be said that the display of your smartphone in particular is the biggest drain on the battery. The longer it is switched on and the brighter it shines, the faster the mobile phone has to go back to the charger. In addition to the processor and memory, games that are graphically complex also require the energy supplier. Pokémon GO serves as a prime example: The augmented reality game accesses the permanently switched-on display and the graphics processor as well as the camera, GPS and mobile data.

There are also many apps installed on the smartphone that synchronize data in the background. All of this can only be avoided to a limited extent. We have 10 tips for you here that will help you quickly and easily improve the battery life of your Android smartphone.

Turn on dark mode

Switch your smartphone to dark mode. You can usually find this option in the settings under "Display" or "Display and brightness". This can have a major impact on battery life, especially for smartphones with OLED displays. Many apps now also offer dark mode - WhatsApp, for example. It is best to use it wherever possible to save battery capacity.

Better battery life? Adjust your display optimally

Adjust your display optimally. This means that the idle state, i.e. the point in time when the screen switches off, should be kept as short as possible. About 30 seconds is better than 10 minutes. You should also manually reduce the display brightness if the automatic setting it too high.

Forget the always-on display

For some time now, manufacturers have been integrating the “always-on display” option in their smartphones, ie the screen that is always lit. If the mobile phone is locked, the time, date, battery level and much more are still displayed. And as mentioned at the beginning: the display is the biggest drain on the battery. Even if it is only partially lit, it consumes electricity and reduces the battery life.

Don't keep restarting your smartphone

It doesn't do anything anyway. And at the expense of battery life.

You should turn off vibration and sound

If you don't need vibration or sound while typing, turn off key feedback. It gnaws at the battery unnecessarily.

Cap connections you don't need

Turn off connections that you are not using. Not paying with your smartphone at the checkout? Then you can turn off NFC. Are you at home or in the office with WiFi all day? Then turn off the mobile data connection. The same goes for Bluetooth, GPS and the hotspot (tethering).

Delete accounts that you don't use

Delete unused accounts from your smartphone. Most of the time you will find some apps under "Users & Accounts" that you are connected to but that you do not actively use. All of these apps synchronize data in the background - even when your smartphone is idle. Should you no longer need one or more accounts, throw them off your smartphone.

Turn off push notifications

Speaking of synchronization: Many apps also synchronize data in the background and provide you with push notifications on current topics. Whether Instagram, Kicker, Pinterest or the weather app: if you switch off push notifications, you not only have a longer battery life, but also more peace of mind. Of course, this shouldn't apply to every app. Only the ones you don't really need. To do this, you have to hold down an app for a long time and call up the app info. Here there is the option "Notifications".

Uninstall power-hungry apps for longer battery life

Identify power hungry apps and uninstall them. You can see the battery usage in the battery settings in the menu of your smartphone. Apps and their consumption are listed here. If applications are listed at the top that you don't need, uninstall them. Or try alternatives to your app.

Try power saving settings

Use the power-saving settings prepared by the manufacturer. These often restrict the synchronization of email accounts and apps, reduce visual effects or lower the display brightness. At the same time, however, they increase the battery life enormously! Are you afraid of missing out on something? Just try it out for a day. There is a way back if the setting doesn't suit you.

You don't want to enter into all these restrictions? No problem. For a few euros there are power banks like this one. Due to its small size, it is perfect for on the go and charges your smartphone completely just in case.

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Extra tip for longer battery life

When buying a new smartphone, make sure that it has a quick charge function. These are usually called Fast or Super Charging. This does not extend the battery life. The battery can be refilled in a flash. It does depend a little on the individual technology. However, the battery can usually be charged from 20 to 80 percent of its capacity within half an hour.

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