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The profession, which in the best case is perceived as a vocation, is the designation for the skills and knowledge a person has acquired through training and practice. In preparation for a new classification of occupations, the Federal Employment Agency has defined that an occupation is a bundle of activities that require subject-specific knowledge and skills. The professions are self-employed in Germany, but approx. 97% are employed, based on the ratio of all employed persons.

Employment, job, profession, activity and others are synonymous with occupation.

Well-paid professions in the hospitality industry

Those interested in the hotel industry can find this in the professional profile of hotel director and hotel manager, who also have a good reputation. Furthermore: CEO, interim manager, sales manager.

Hospitality Professions

Find all professions in the industry here.


A headhunter is looking for executives such as CEOs, decision-makers and managing directors on behalf of companies, companies or corporations.

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