All women’s breasts look the same

Help! I have uneven breasts!

Uneven breasts? What can I do?

The breasts are too small or too big, there are asymmetries of the nipples or differences in size of the breasts - almost every woman has uneven breasts. Most of the time, however, the differences are so minimal that nobody notices. When puberty begins, breast growth begins. This often leads to serious asymmetries, because the breasts grow at different speeds and sizes.

Causes of asymmetrical breast

It is normal for women to have breasts of different sizes and more the rule than the exception. Breasts of exactly the same size are the exception. The causes of an uneven or asymmetrical breast usually develop during puberty and are often harmless from a medical point of view. Congenital malformations - a proboscis or macromastia and micromastia - are among the congenital forms.

The clearest visible deviation, however, is the difference in size. A previous failed breast operation or breast cancer often lead to a deformity or asymmetry of the breast.

But there are also some other causes that only cause the breasts to vary in size in the course of life. These include injuries to the chest, inflammation, tumors but also radiation. Constant weight loss and gain cause the breast to increase and decrease unevenly and thus promote the asymmetry of the breast.

What can you do about uneven breasts?

Women with uneven breasts often ask themselves what options there are to conceal such an asymmetry. A real bra can work wonders and visually hide a significant difference in size with the help of insoles. In most cases, however, such an answer is not enough for affected women.

Surgical intervention is an option here. Be it a breast lift, a breast reduction, a nipple correction or just a breast augmentation with silicone implants of different sizes to compensate for the asymmetry. The aim of any procedure with existing asymmetries is to harmonize the breast - be it the shape of the breast or the size. Would you like more information about nipple correction, breast reduction, breast lift or about breast augmentation? Have a look at our treatment overview.

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