Wear ties with casual outfits

How to wear your tie in the office: the latest trends!

We've already written it before: 2018 is the year of the loose tie. A slim luxury wool tie, a fashionable slim linen version or a knitted model. But can you wear them to the office then? Or at a job interview or a fancy party? You know it for sure! We explain how to wear the casual tie according to the latest trends.

The new office tie

Every office has an unwritten dress code, there is no manual for it and the rules are not on a poster on the wall. But if you look around you will find that the men are secretly eyeing each other to figure out what to wear. Usually there is nobody out of line, in the office you want to stand out because of your work performance and not necessarily because of your clothes. Do your colleagues usually wear decent shirts and trousers, or occasionally trousers with a tie? Then it's fun to add variety to your look with a tie. Not a stiff silk tie. Your work environment is perfect for making variations of your outfit with a loose tie. So choose a plain knit version! Too trendy for you? Then start with a solid dark blue model. When you look outside spring is in the air so linen is a good idea, this fabric will add a tough look to your look; sleek, modern and trendy.

Absolutely trendy with this men's tie in a retro look!

Trendy thanks to the knit structure, stylish thanks to the solid dark blue: Buy your knitted tie here.

Downgrade your business outfit!

Do you work in an office where the tie is part of standard office attire etiquette? Then a silk tie is a safe choice. But if you want to add a fashionable accent to your suit in a stylish way, you can also vary the material types. On cold spring days, a beige woolen tie with a white shirt, and on days when the sun is shining, a lighter dark blue linen copy with a small pocket square in the breast pocket. The good thing about our linen and wool ties is that they can look different. Blue is not just blue, you can also see light blue, gray or beige. Stylish, but still casual. Or opt for a knitted tie with horizontal stripes like in the 1950s.

Admittedly, these trends were especially big in the twenties and thirties. Of course we don't know how old you are, but if a knitted model goes too far you can choose a standard office tie, but choose a slim model. Then you go with the trends, but you keep it more to yourself.

Perfect for a casual touch to your business outfit. Choose your wool tie here.

Mottled linen tie (gemĂȘleerde linnen stropdas): casual chic. Discover our linen ties here.

That is of course the best advice. Experiment with the trends, but keep it to yourself. Wear what is good for you and you will shine in the office!