What are some unusual local SEO mistakes

Local SEO for Google

The more comprehensive the first impressionThat you can give from your company, the better. Of course, it depends on the type of company which features are suitable. Basically, it makes sense to use these functions to work:

  • the company description
  • Image and video material
  • Buttons
  • Google posts

The company description

Keywords, links, virtual shouting in capital letters - none of this is included in the description. Here you explain truthfully what your company offers. You can advertise on your website, first of all you have to convince with reliable information.

Who, where and what? Clear text is required here!

As you can see in the example, only part of the company description Above the Fold is displayed, more precisely: the first 250 characters. The most relevant facts must come at the beginning of the 750 characters.

Photos and videos

Pictures catch the eye - so it is only logical to include the profile on Google My Business visual content spice it up. If you run a catering business, you can show your restaurant or some selected dishes from the best side here, for example.

Photos of the business premises, the team, the location or even a short video (up to 30 seconds are ideal): You decide what the first visual impression should be! With us it looks like this:

Let's face it - who can resist this prospect?

As Best practice Incidentally, Google recommends the following properties:

  • JPG / PNG format
  • 10 KB to 5 MB file size
  • 720 x 720 pixel resolution

The booking button feature

Look up the website, find a phone number there, call to haggle for free appointments ... Annoying, isn't it? You can save your target group from this process by using a Appointments can be made directly through Google set up. The feature is ideal for all appointment-centric services.

From visiting the hairdresser to reserving a table in a restaurant - if it suits your company, you can secure yourself with one Booking button possibly the decisive advantage over the competition.

A dream for everyone who doesn't like to make phone calls: the appointment button!

If you want to implement this feature, you can use this formregister as a partner.

Important: The new feature is not yet available everywhere and for everyone!

Google posts

While they do not replace extensive content, they are a practical opportunity to current topics to present: the Google Posts or Google Posts. It's kind of like Mini-format social media posts; you can include updates about events, sales, current blog posts, brand new products, etc. in it.

Event announcement or blog post teaser: Show what you've got!

You create a blog post by logging into your GMB account and in the dashboardat the bottom left on "Posts" go Now you have the choice between different formats (GIF, text, video, ...).

By the way, your most recent post remains Live for 7 days. Then it does not disappear, but is moved down and only appears when you click on "Show all".