How many countries are involved in yoga?

Yoga, Travel and Life - Interview with Nicole Babel

When Nicole talks about traveling, her face shines. She can still clearly see the route of her one-year trip around the world in 1997: Australia, Los Angeles, French Polynesia, Bora Bora, Fiji, Western Samoa, Hong Hong, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal and Burma (now Myanmar). And while I wonder how I can get the names of these countries right without Google & Duden, it looks as if Nicole is thinking back to the time of her trip around the world. At one of these travel destinations, namely Burma, the idea of ​​doing yoga more intensively took shape. Why? More on that later.

In any case, yoga is a passion for Nicole today. “I practice regularly myself and that helps me a lot in staying healthy despite long days at the computer; So yoga paces my day, ”says the freelance graphic artist, who has been teaching Ashtanga yoga for twelve years.

In addition to yoga and traveling, Nicole is very fond of photography and books. “I like to read all over the place: from the Twilight saga to classics like Goethe's Faust to science fiction. I really like John Irving and Isaac Asimov, for example, ”says the yoga teacher.

In conversations she emphasizes how important it is for Nicole to have hobby and job side by side. “Yoga and the job complement each other very well. I have direct contact with people through yoga. As a freelance graphic designer, I can work creatively in peace, ”says the 49-year-old half-French.

Since Nicole's thirst for knowledge can not only be quenched through books, the next travel destination is already clear after traveling to Canada, Newfoundland and Marrakech last year: She is going to Norway right on time for her milestone birthday in May this year.

Like Nicole finally to Yoga, Ashtanga and Shine! Yoga Lindenthal came, tells us in an interview the Ehrenfeld woman, who officially has both French and German citizenship since March 2017.