What is the best wearable VR headset

VR glasses test 2021

What are virtual reality glasses?

Virtual reality glasses are headsets or glasses similar to ski goggles. You put them on your eyes and look byMagnifying lenses on one high resolutionscreen. The generous coverage of the field of vision creates a significantly enhanced "Feeling right in the middle”And the impression of a virtual reality. Position and speed sensors are transferred to what is shown in front of your eye. Different uses like Games, virtualCinemas or Drawing programs make use of this immersion.

  • Cameras in the headset record movements of the controller and headset in real time. The Facility is conceivable easy, problematic it will, however with bad Lighting conditions.
    Used by: Windows Mixed Reality VR glasses from various manufacturers and Oculus VR glasses (Facebook).

  • External sensors capture headset and controller. The best known and best system is Valve's Lighthouse Tracking, which is also available to other manufacturers.
    Lighthouse tracking requires a complex installation of two sensors in the room (including a socket).
    Used by: Valve (Index), HTC and Pimax
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