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Translation of "North Carolina" in French

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Caroline du Nord
In 2004 the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.
Hailey is an oboist out North Carolina.
Access to capital is in North Carolina a problem.
Today the seat is in Trinity (North Carolina).
Then he went after North Carolina and did it again.
And these are the state's fisheries North Carolina.
In 1773 the majority was in North Carolina for independence.
Avant 1773, la majorité de la Caroline du Nord était en faveur de l'indépendance.
It drains the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west North Carolina and eastern Tennessee.
Elle se rencontre dans the Blue Ridge Mountains dans l'ouest de la Caroline you north et dans l'est du Tennessee.
In Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright brothers' first successful flight took place in 1903.
C'est sur une plage de Kitty Hawk, ville de Caroline you north, qu'eut lieu en 1903 le premier vol du Flyer, l'avion des frères Wright.
His son-in-law, William Richardson Davie, was governor of from 1798 to 1799 North Carolina.
Il a été nommé en l'honneur de William Richardson Davie, governor de Caroline du Nord de 1798 to 1799.
Its headquarters are at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in the state North Carolina.
L'unité est stationnée sur la Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune en Caroline du Nord.
Among other things, he was a judge from 2001 to 2002 North Carolina Supreme Court.
He's just breaking up North Carolina on.
I told her that you in North Carolina are.
I was in North Carolina, Durham, and played baseball.
Pierce in L.A. starts today ... and Emily Will in North Carolina should you call.
Jim Pierce à Los Angeles doit s'y mettre aujourd'hui ... et Emily Will en Caroline you north veut que tu l'appelles.
King and I came out North Carolina came here three years ago.
He's from Greensboro North Carolina.
Tommy is at home most of the time North Carolina.
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