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Wix review

Is Wix free?

In the basic version, Wix is ​​actually free. The company offers a so-called freemium model, which means that you can use a slimmed-down, free basic version. For more functions or storage space you have to upgrade to a premium model.

The free version can be used indefinitely, the 4 different premium packages are between € 4.00 and € 40.00 per month. We also researched the prices in detail again: Wix prices.

Is Wix GDPR Compliant?

In a nutshell: Wix websites are fundamental not GDPR compliant. The reason for this is that the so-called opt-in option is missing: The option to actively consent to the use of cookies is missing, which is required by the DGSVO, the ECJ and the BGH. Operating a Wix website can therefore involve legal risks.

Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor's browser and, among other things, ensure the security of the connection and also make surfing easier. For example, they mean that you are recognized on websites you have already visited or that the goods you have already selected are saved in an online shop.

In addition to these essential cookies, which are also unobjectionable in terms of data protection law, cookies are often used to analyze and evaluate the behavior of surfers.

In addition, the data is stored for a long time in many cases. According to the DGSVO and case law, the visitor must actively give his consent to this storage.

However, this consent, also known as the opt-in option, is not possible on Wix websites. The website builder only offers the option to inform the visitor about the use of cookies with a banner. But that's not enough!

According to its own information, the company plans to remedy this deficiency. However, information on when exactly this will happen is not available.

What cookies does Wix use?

Websites created with Wix use a variety of different cookies. On the one hand, these serve for security and the fight against fraud, on the other hand, they are also used to analyze the behavior of visitors.

The cookies used often have very technical names and are stored for different periods of time. Among other things, the cookies “bSession” and “fedops.logger.sessionId” are used with a storage time of 30 minutes and 12 months, respectively, in order to measure the effectiveness of the system. Another example: On multilingual websites, the appropriately worded “wixLanguage” cookie is used to store the visitor's language for 12 months.

However, the website builder does not provide an exact list of the cookies used. Rather, it should be noted that the use of the various offers such as Wix Stores, Wix Restaurants, Wix Bookings or the use of apps from Google or Facebook place additional cookies on the website.

Wix or Jimdo - which is better?

Wix or Jimdo? Which construction kit is the better choice depends on your own wishes and the intended purpose. Jimdo is particularly suitable if you want to operate a company website or online shop in Europe. The reason for this is that Jimdo, in cooperation with Cologne-based Trusted Shops GmbH, supplies warn-proof and, above all, automatically updated legal texts for several languages ​​and also has the “opt-in option” required by the DGSVO for active consent to the use of cookies.

What speaks in favor of Wix, on the other hand, is that the customer is given a lot of freedom in terms of design. The considerable number of over 510 design templates can be freely adapted to your own preferences with the easy-to-use construction kit. Both Jimdo and Wix are available to their users with extensive help centers and the option of sending a written request. Telephone support, on the other hand, is only offered by Wix.

There are few price differences between Wix and Jimdo. Although Wix seems a bit cheaper at first glance with monthly prices of € 5.12 to € 28.72 in the annual subscription, you have to consider that advertising is displayed in the cheapest Wix plan.

Wix or WordPress - which is better?

Clearly: For beginners and those who want to get there quickly, Wix is ​​the better choice. Whether it is a website for a photographer, a hotel, restaurant or an event organizer, the focus of Wix is ​​clearly on ease of use. Domain and web space are provided with the registration and with the editor, its drag and drop function, the many ready-made solutions and possible help from the help center, you can quickly access your own website even without prior knowledge.

And WordPress? In comparison, the open source solution WordPress offers far greater possibilities for individualization. In return, WordPress requires more independent organizational effort right from the start. So it is important to secure a domain and web space independently. This can prove to be a hurdle, especially for beginners.

The differences to WordPress also become clear with regard to extensions and plugins. The Wix App Market offers a limited number of plugins. They cover all standard functions and can be inserted using the editor. In the context of WordPress, however, you have access to thousands of extensions. With these, a large number of functions can be easily integrated into your own website. But not all extensions harmonize with each other or are completely error-free. Especially when using different plugins at the same time, compatibility problems can arise due to later updates or missing updates.

In terms of costs, Wix is ​​the more clearly defined, but potentially also the more expensive solution. The contract duration, the selected premium package and additional options clearly determine the costs. With WordPress, on the other hand, you have more control over costs. The domain required for each website and the associated web space are usually available for € 5 per month. Additional costs may arise for website templates, paid extensions and the commitment of an expert for WordPress. However, you can also rely on free options or familiarize yourself with tricky problems.

Another solution between Wix and WordPress could also be Webflow, which I took a closer look at here.

Where is Wix hosted?

The websites created with Wix are hosted on servers and data centers around the world. The international internet company from Tel Aviv, Israel, stores the personal data of its users according to its own informationin data centers in the US, Ireland, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel. In addition, the company specifically points out in its information on data protection that, insofar as European data protection regulations are applicable, these are complied with when transmitting user-customer data.

How do you terminate Wix?

If you want to cancel a premium package, you can do this directly in your user account. First up is the areaOpen subscriptions. There you click onshow more and choose the optionCancel package. The last thing you have to do is give notice of termination in the window that appearsCancel now