Can aluminum-zinc alloys be powder-coated

Powder coating, aluminum coating

Powder coating - aluminum coating

Powder coating is a method in which the surface is refined and at the same time resistant and visually upgraded.

The color particles that are available for powder coating come from the entire RAL range for both steel and aluminum parts. All conceivable colors are available here.

Compared to wet painting, this type of surface treatment has a number of advantages:

  • Wide range of colors including metallic, high-gloss or clear lacquer
  • Workpieces made of steel, aluminum, zinc or other conductive metals can be powder coated
  • Robust coating prevents scratches or paint chipping

Powder coating of aluminum parts

As a first step, the powder-coated parts are thoroughly cleaned. It is subjected to a chemical immersion bath. A chromate-free binder is then used to ensure that the paint particles adhere to the surface. Finally, the residual moisture is removed in the drying oven.

In the spray booth provided for this purpose, the powder paint is applied to the parts using spray guns. You liability is due to electromagnetic forces of attraction.

The paint particles melt together in an oven at around 200 ° C, leaving a thick layer on the surface. The new property of the surface is characterized by extreme resistance and yet elasticity.

The choice of colors is very large when it comes to powder coating aluminum

With this finishing process, all colors from the RAL palette are available. In addition, manufacturer colors or special colors of your choice can be selected.

If you have any further questions about the color selection, please contact our customer service.

The gloss level of the powder-coated surface can optionally be divided into three gloss levels: high gloss, satin gloss or matt gloss. The degree can also be in

metallic or matt can be chosen. Structured surfaces of various types are available for very unusual customer requests.

Surface refinement through powder coating

The end product is powder-coated depending on the degree of use. The careful preparatory work plays a major role in the quality. The workpieces should be subjected to a thorough cleaning, then the protective effect can also be guaranteed.

The modern powder coating process ensures high scratch, impact and weather resistance. The thorough cleaning is a sure sign of quality.

Aluminum parts powder coating pretreatment

In order for the powder coating to adhere well, the parts should be passivated after pickling. This creates an extremely high level of corrosion protection.

Of course, this effect can also be achieved by previous sand or glass bead blasting.

Powder coating of aluminum and aluminum alloys

The adhesion of the powder coating to aluminum or aluminum alloys is excellent on carefully cleaned surfaces. With the help of a special coating made of chromate, the adhesion can even be improved.