Why do people hate Hailee Steinfeld

"People hate me - and I love them for it"

John Cena talks to us about his big roles alongside wrestling: as an actor ("Bumblebee") and a meme.

His acting colleague Hailee Steinfeld was initially intimidated by him on the set, as she told us in an interview. Our youth reporter had less fear of contact and put the edgy guy with the insane stature on the tooth.

Yes, we should listen to what young people have to say.

John Cena, wrestler & actor

In "Bumblebee" you are the typical adult who does not believe a young girl because he is convinced of his own judgment. Do you think adults should listen more often to what children and adolescents say?

That is a very good question, but at the same time a difficult one. Wisdom is something that comes with time. So when a young person is talking to someone who has already had these experiences, it is usually harder for the older person to admit that the younger person is right. But I think the older you get, the more open you should be. That's the long answer.

And what is the short one?

It reads: yes, we should listen to what young people have to say. Because those who are really wise know that they actually don't know anything and can learn something from everyone.

Be on time, be neat, and outperform everyone else.

John Cena on the best advice of his life.

Who gave you the best advice?

One person who has had a huge impact on my life told me: be on time, be tidy, and outperform everyone else.

Did you notice from the script that “Bumblebee” was written by a woman?

If you're creative and you're doing a good job, who you are, how you look, and what your gender are shouldn't be relevant.

I had a lot of sympathy for the lovable robot. Do you think there will be animated machines in the future? And could that be dangerous for humanity?

Now we come from “Transformers” to the real future and artificial intelligence. I think we should listen to scientists on this.

Tell me, do you actually do all the stunts yourself?

As a wrestler I'm very physically active, but in "Bumblebee" the Transformers fought more than I did. I've learned when the people who are concerned about your safety take you aside and tell you that you might let someone else do the stunt to take it seriously too.

What was the most dangerous stunt you did?

To hang on a steel cable at the height of the 30th floor for the film "Twelve Rounds". I'm afraid of heights and I said to myself: just don't look down. Of course I looked down. I will never do this again. So if you see me at such a height in films, you can be sure that this is not me, this is my stuntman.

I don't know much about wrestling, but I know you from memes, vines, and gifs where people parody you: "This is John Cena!" Do you ever mind that?

Vine no longer exists, does that mean I'm no longer in the business?

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Don't worry, there are still enough memes of yours on Instagram.

Cool! But I don't mind at all, you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. It all started in 2011 and there were two ways I could deal with it: “Stop making fun of me” or “Ah, that's actually really funny”. I chose the second variant because it's just fun. As a result, even more young people, like you, who are otherwise not interested in wrestling, know me. This is much more important to me because my goal is to get a lot of people to watch wrestling, even if it sometimes means to me to be the joke of the nation.

So do you like being a meme?

I have a love-hate relationship with the internet. People make fun of me and hate me - and I love them for it. And have you ever seen my Instagram account? While I'm not a dinosaur, I do just enough to have a presence on Instagram. Any young person is likely to be offended by how little I know about the whole thing.

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