What do rootkit viruses do

Ciao Rootkit: How to Remove Rootkits Successfully

René Resch

Rootkits can be immensely damaging to your system. Because they open the gates to your system for attackers. We introduce security tools that you can use to detect and remove rootkits on your PC.

EnlargeWith our rootkit revealers and removers, you can give the rootkits a leg up.

Every now and then you should specifically check whether your system is still secure. Even if you have installed an up-to-date virus scanner. Because despite virus scanners there can be serious security problems. Namely when a rootkit has taken root on your computer. A successfully installed rootkit entails further security problems and opens the door to attackers: For further backdoors, keyloggers and viruses; Data, password and account theft. Or your system ends up in a botnet. And the worst part: Everything happens invisibly to you. Your attacker is like a phantom, the rootkit is designed to camouflage itself perfectly. Only those who know their way around and look for them specifically have the opportunity to identify rootkits and render them harmless.

This is how you effectively protect yourself against botnets

Finding rootkits is not an easy task. Therefore we offer you a number of rootkit removers for free download in the download gallery above. For best results, you should have more than one rootkit remover scanned on your system. Since tools from different manufacturers often use different search and recognition algorithms. So play it safe and use two or three different rootkit detectors or removers.

Botnet removal tools

It should be clear to you, however, that even these anti-rootkit programs cannot guarantee a 100% safe removal. If all else fails and you suspect something is still wrong with your PC, then you should perform a clean installation of the operating system. But watch out: even this variant may not be able to permanently remove the rootkit. There are particularly nasty rootkits that hide in the BIOS of your PC. Hence, you should use the BIOS after installing the operating system as well on the hardware side set to "read-only". This is done using the corresponding jumper on your mainboard.

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