Which is better BSNL or Airtel

Difference between Airtel Broadband and BSNL Broadband

Airtel Broadband versus BSNL Broadband

BSNL, which stands for Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is a government communications company while Airtel is a private company. Both offer both landline and cellular services as well as broadband services across India. Their plans for Internet services, especially unlimited download services, have nearly the same tariffs, but there is a difference in the quality of the services provided that is covered in this article.

It is not appropriate to generalize about the quality of the services, but I can speak to the authority as I have seen the services provided by both companies. It is true that BSNL and Airtel employees paint a very rosy picture when selling a connection, but reality only dawns after the connection is installed. Airtel's unlimited plan costs 799 rupees while BSNL provides it for 750 rupees. You also need to pay applicable taxes. Both plans offer the same bandwidth of 256 kbit / s, but for Airtel it increases to 1 Mbit / s at night.Both Airtel and BSNL give away a free call value of 100 rupees when using the landline number that they specify with the connection. BSNL provides two free email IDs with 5MB of storage space that are definitely unusable.

If you want higher data transfer speeds, both Airtel and BSNL have more expensive plans. Airtel has Explore 1099 and Turbo 1299 while BSNL Home has UL 1350. Turbo 1299 offers additional benefits of Rs 499 as it offers Rs 100 Talk Value, Rs 100 Antivirus Value, Rs 100 Value on Demand Speed, and unlimited gaming at Rs 199. In comparison, BSNL has nothing special to offer its subscribers in its Home UL 1350.

If you're happy with speeds of 256Kbps, there isn't much to choose between the two service providers. However, if you want a higher speed of 512Kbps, it is better to choose Airtel for additional benefits. However, if you are a government employee you will receive a 20% discount on BSNL's services, which is an attractive feature.

If we compare customer service, Airtel is 100 times better than BSNL. You file a complaint and with Airtel you will certainly correct it within hours, while with BSNL you can go without broadband for days if there is a catch. So if you have to work urgently, you may regret choosing BSNL because of sentimental value.


BSNL Broadband versus Airtel Broadband

• While there isn't much to choose between Airtel's and BSNL's unlimited plans at speeds of 256 Kbps, Airtel offers many additional benefits if you need higher speeds of 512 Kbps that BSNL lacks.

• When it comes to customer care, Airtel is way ahead of BSNL, which is reflected in the growing number of Airtel connections in the country

• BSNL gives government employees a 20% discount, which is attractive to some people.