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The 10 best sports betting strategies for 2021

Many professionals make a living from sports betting. This would hardly be possible without a well thought-out sports betting strategy. Before you place your tips, you should also come up with a strategy for sports betting. In this article, our team of experts will introduce you to the top sports betting strategies for 2021 and, in addition to the best live betting and handicap betting strategies, will give you further valuable tips. Use the years of experience of our experts to increase your chances of winning many times over!

10 successful strategies for sports betting

Not only are there numerous different sports to place bets on. In the meantime, the selection of types of bets is hardly manageable. Every sport has its own peculiarities and rules, which is why there are attractive special bets. Here we present the 10 most popular sports betting strategies for German gamblers.

  1. The bet on late goals

    • Tap on games that have a clear favorite
    • Bet on goals scored in the last 15 minutes of a game
    • Use this strategy only for single bets

    In any case, it is always a good idea to have a profitable football betting strategy ready. Our tip: Bet on late goals! For example, look for games in the Bundesliga where a favorite competes against an outsider. In these games, goals are very often scored in the closing stages of the game, as the underdog becomes tired and unable to concentrate. That is why the favored team often scores a goal between the 75th and 90th minute.

  2. Progressive tie bet

    • Use this strategy only for single bets
    • If you are wrong once, you will bet again on the next game on a tie and still make a profit
    • If you are three times wrong, you have to increase your bet the fourth time to avoid losses

    A good football betting strategy is the progressive draw tip. If you bet on a tie and you are correct, you will often triple your stake. If you don't win, bet your team's next game on a draw again. In the best case scenario, you will still have made a profit. If you are wrong again, you will place a bet on a tie for the next game. If you are correct, you will at least get your stake back. If you get it wrong three times, raise your bet next time.

  3. Use sports betting bonus effectively

    • Use your welcome bonus to test different types of sports and bets
    • You can venture out risky tips that promise you a high profit without your own risk
    • Pay attention to the bookmaker's wagering requirements

    With a good bookmaker on the net, you will receive a lucrative welcome bonus of at least 100% with your first deposit. Use this bonus to test different types of bets and to bet on different games and races. This is a unique opportunity to get to know a bookmaker's betting offer without incurring losses. However, find out about the bonus terms and conditions beforehand, as you will have to wager your extra sum again a few times.

  4. Handicap betting on a tie

    • Place a handicap bet on a tie with a participating favorite who enters the game behind
    • Benefit from the significantly higher odds in the event of a tie
    • First use this strategy in the context of a single bet

    You can make a lot of money with a good handicap betting strategy. With this type of bet, the favorite enters the game with a fictitious deficit, for example with a 0: 1. If you picked the favorite, the team must score at least two goals for your bet to be correct. A good way to capitalize on this type of bet is the handicap bet on a tie with often very high odds. So if Bayern Munich wins 2-1 against FC Schalke, but you have placed a handicap bet on a tie, you win.

  5. Choose fringe sport

    • Gain expert knowledge in a fringe sport
    • Bookmakers often only use statistics as a basis for fringe sports. Use their expertise to make big profits with insider tips
    • Always stay informed about current developments in the respective sport

    In addition to the popular sports betting in football, basketball or tennis, many bookmakers also offer fringe sports. In these sports, the bookmakers use statistics as a guide when setting the odds, as there is a lack of specialist knowledge. So if you are particularly familiar with esports, for example, you can use this knowledge and benefit from very lucrative odds. ยด

  6. Value bet strategy

    • Study the basics of probability theory
    • Compare all available statistics such as home and away strength, current form curve and other factors to get an accurate value
    • Use the Value Bet strategy to consistently generate profits

    Many professionals rely on the value bet strategy. You are betting on a team that is very likely to win, but still has an attractive rate. You can use numerous statistics to calculate the probability of victory. If, according to your calculations, this is 70%, for example, but the bookmaker has only set a win probability of 60%, you have found a value bet.

  7. Tennis tie-break strategy

    • High odds for tie breaks in tennis
    • Analyze a game and calculate the likelihood of a tie break
    • Do not combine this bet with other bets, but place a single bet

    Tennis is one of the most popular sports bets and you too can make big profits with a special tennis tie-break strategy. A tie-break is a decisive set in a game and almost always has a high rate. Pick a game where two tournament favorites meet. Also pay attention to the surface, because statistically, there are significantly more tiebreaks on sand, as the serve on this surface is less decisive.

  8. System bets are better than combination bets

    • Combination bets are extremely risky, as just one wrong tip already means the end
    • With system bets you can still make big profits despite a wrong tip
    • The more tips you combine in a system bet, the greater the profit can be

    Many gamblers still prefer to bet on a combination bet due to the high odds. However, in contrast to a system bet, the probability of winning is significantly lower. If there is just one wrong tip, the entire bet is gone. You should therefore rather rely on system bets. With this type of bet you still win even if you are wrong with one tip. The more individual bets are correct within the framework of the system bet, the higher your profit will be.

  9. Use over / under bets

    • Football experts can use their knowledge to predict the number of goals in a game
    • Bet on whether there will be more or less than three goals in a game, for example
    • Analyze the respective offensive series of both teams before a game

    If you have already placed bets, you will know the over and under bets. You don't bet on a winner, but on how many goals will be scored per half, in the entire game or by just one team. If you have enough football expertise, you can make great profits with this type of bet. There are teams with a particularly strong offensive and teams that hardly score any goals. Use this knowledge to place the perfect over or under bet.

  10. Use sports betting app!

    • Download the sports betting app onto your smartphone so that you can always place bets flexibly
    • Take advantage of a sports betting app to place lucrative live bets
    • Make sure you use the correct operating system when choosing the app

    Every good bookmaker online now offers you a sports betting app for your smartphone. Take advantage of this offer to be able to place bets anytime and anywhere. Sports betting apps are inevitable, especially with a good live betting strategy. Even if you are on your lunch break or are on a birthday, this way you can quickly place tips and react to the latest developments during a game or race.

The best strategies for sports betting on the net

There are of course numerous other strategies for sports betting. Which strategy is best for you always depends on your own expertise and preferences. For example, if you have no idea about soccer, there is little point in placing an over bet. The following applies to sports betting: Use your knowledge to increase the probability of winning.

We recommend beginners, regardless of the strategy, to always start with small stakes. This will give you a feel for the various sports betting strategies and find out which type of bet suits you best.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Do i need a strategy?

Of course, it is up to you what criteria you use to place a bet. However, your chances of winning increase significantly if you place tips with a sports betting strategy. They help your luck, so to speak, on the jumps.

What strategies are there?

In the meantime it is hardly possible to name an exact number of existing strategies, as the selection is enormous. The most popular strategies include the value bets, the handicap tie bet and the bet on late goals in football.

Can I use a bonus to test my strategy?

Yes. We even recommend this to you, as this way you can minimize your own risk and test various strategies. However, pay attention to the bookmaker's wagering requirements, as this bonus payment often has to be wagered a few times before a withdrawal is possible.

Can I place my tips on my mobile phone?

No matter which strategy you choose: With any good provider you can now place your bets with your smartphone and tablet. On some pages you can type directly in the browser, while other providers offer you an app to download.

How big are my chances of winning

How big your chances of winning are depends on the strategy in question. It also depends on how carefully you research teams and players. If you are always up to date on your favorite sport, your chances will increase enormously.