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What does an astronaut earn?

Salary comparison - overview

If you want to become an astronaut, you have to meet some requirements.

Many people in their childhood dreamed of being astronaut To make a career. But this professional goal seems almost unattainable for an equally large proportion of people. The astronaut profession is extremely difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible! Do you wish for a future in space or on the ground, but with a focus on the infinite universe? Then the astronaut profession is your best future prospect.

As an astronaut, you reach unimagined heights - but not in terms of salary. The annual salary for an astronaut from the European space agency ESA starts at around € 55,000 net in the training phase. After successful completion, the first follows Salary jump. A second, for approx. € 90,000, after the first space flight. A commanding officer can count on € 110,000 a year. The American colleagues from NASA earn similar earnings. A 2011 job ad reported a salary range of $ 64,724- $ 141,715 per year.

How do you become an astronaut?

For Astronauts there are only a few jobs. These are advertised publicly. A certificate of fitness to fly is a prerequisite for applying to ESA. NASA requires a height between 157 and 190 cm and a blood pressure value of under 140/90. Physical fitness is required, but applicants do not have to be competitive athletes. Scientists are more likely. Ideally, the applicant has one Study of natural or engineering sciences completed. Fluent English is a matter of course, knowledge of Russian is an advantage. The selection process requires spatial imagination, a stable mental state, and good Team and communication skills the evaluation criteria.

Working on the space station requires exceptional physical fitness.

With around 25,000 applicants per application phase (which only takes place at irregular intervals and when necessary) plus one Final selection of under 20 people From applicants from all over Europe, in addition to a good deal of luck, you need the patience to endure selection tests that last for hours. Applicants mostly come from the field of aviation, in which they have already completed a few hours of flight. Further requirements are, among other things, the age, which must not exceed 37 years, and the passing of numerous psychological and medical tests. The health must not only from the future astronaut, but also from his ancestors proven become. In addition, a bachelor's degree and at least three years of professional experience or the completion of 1000 flight hours must be proven. A master’s degree is also recognized as professional experience.

What are the duties of an astronaut?

The astronauts spend a large part of their working life in training facilities, where they are prepared for their tasks in space. When deployed on the space station, they lead Repair and maintenance tasks at the facilities. They also work as scientists in the laboratories on the space station.

Contrary to popular belief, astronauts don't just work in space and fly around in rockets. Indeed, you suit Focus of work most of time on the ground - in the European Astronaut Center in Cologne (EAC for "European Astronaut Center"). Here future space travelers are not only prepared for their flights into space, they also learn theoreticalBasics and witness demonstrations of various spacecraft. So you acquire a broad theoretical knowledge before you are prepared for your possible time in space - for example through intensive fitness training and test flights.

The training to become an astronaut

Before going into space, you have to go through a difficult training course.

Anyone who is training to be an astronaut and has made it into the program, which is limited to a few places, has to come along three years of training calculate. The basic content consists of theoretical knowledge about the basic information of space travel, engine technology and the different start situations of a space shuttle. Also extensive physical training and Resilience tests are part of the demanding training. Those who successfully complete it first have the title "Astronaut" before a further specification takes place. During this, the young astronauts expand their knowledge from their training and continue to hone their physical abilities in order to be selected for the last part, the "mission training". Only a handful of the very best graduates are selected for this. Training in a centrifuge specifically prepares you for the flight into space. When you've finally made it and a flight with that Space shuttle waiting for you, you will face another, highly demanding task. In addition to maximum physical performance, excellent health and the greatest possible concentration, the astronaut must be able to work in a team and be willing to undertake complex experiments. Repair work on the "Hubble Telescope" is also one of the tasks of an astronaut.

Perspectives and alternative professions

The severely limited number of places for future astronauts subsides the question equivalent perspectives come up. For those who feel at home in aviation, the profession of PilotsInteresting; many applicants for the job of astronaut come from this industry anyway and often return to it. However, there are also specific courses with a focus on aerospace engineering in order to be able to learn a profession that is as similar as possible to an astronaut.


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