What actually happened in Las Vegas

News about the Corona situation in Las Vegas

In this post we have put together some important information about the current coronavirus situation in Las Vegas on entry, hotels, casinos and parties.

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Current information on the Corona situation in Las Vegas - as of April 19, 2021

While Germany is still in corona hibernation, the US has long overtaken us when it comes to vaccinations. As a result, the governor of Nevada has announced that Las Vegas will be completely open on June 1st, 2021!

What does that mean in concrete terms? The shows, restaurants and clubs will open their doors and it can - and should! to be celebrated again! A few official requirements will probably remain, for example, the maximum number of people admitted to clubs, buffets, etc. and there will be no way around the mask. But to be honest, we've got used to them for a long time

Current information on the Corona situation in Las Vegas - as of March 20, 2021

So far it's only an insider tip, but here it comes, the silver lining: The Biden government plans to lift the Travel Ban in May 2021! This affects all tourists arriving from Europe and intra-American trips to and from Mexico and Canada will then be possible again.

Unsurprisingly, entry will be linked to a negative COVID19 test result before departure, and the airlines will certainly also have very restrictive hygiene concepts, but after more than a year without Vegas that can hardly dampen the anticipation.


As I said, this information is not yet official and whether this schedule is really tenable will depend heavily on the vaccination quota in the USA - but if the majority of Americans are vaccinated by May, there is not much in the way of opening the borders.

As soon as we have secured information, we will publish it here as always.


Current information on the Corona situation in Las Vegas - as of February 18, 2021

Finally there are more positive things to say about reports!

Not least because of the very low number of cases in Nevada (only just under 19 new COVID-19 cases), more hotels of the MGM Resort Group will open again 24/7! This applies to, for example, the Mandalay Bay, the Park MGM and also the Mirage. The maximum number of visitors allowed to the casinos will also be increased from 25% to 35%. Restaurants and bars finally allow access to guests without prior reservation.

There's good news for party fans too! The Omnia Nightclub opens from March 5th. back its doors. The Liquid Pool Lounge and the Wet Republic Ultra Pool will also be available from March 12th. to open again!

Unfortunately, there is nothing new to report on the subject of the Travel Ban. We'll have to wait a little longer.

Super package deals including special Corona withdrawal options are still being offered! Of course, this also applies to all MarryMeVegas weddings. It can start again slowly but surely!


Current information on the Corona situation in Las Vegas - as of 02/02/2021

On January 26th, Biden the entry ban for the Schengen states is extended indefinitely. There can therefore be no well-founded statement about when Europeans will be allowed to enter the USA again. An important indication of how the development within Las Vegas will continue is the upcoming Super Bowl weekend.

As a positive development, however, it should be mentioned that almost all tour operators for package tours have included a right of withdrawal up to 14 days before the start of the trip in the contractual conditions. We at MarryMeVegas have of course also built special Corona withdrawal rules into our contracts. Therefore, a booking with us as well as with the tour operator can be canceled easily and free of charge if the worst comes to the worst

Current information on the Corona situation in Las Vegas - as of December 6, 2020

Like the whole world, Las Vegas is currently suffering from the pandemic and especially from the absence of (international) tourists. The big hotels like Planet Hollywood and Wynn have reacted and only accept hotel guests from Thursday to Monday. There is also a strict mask and distance requirement in Las Vegas. The big New Year's Eve parties that were common in Las Vegas every year will now be much smaller in 2020, which of course also has an impact on the income of the hotels and thus the remuneration of the employees.

In spite of everything, the same applies to Las Vegas: "The show must go on"! The chapels are open and a tour of the strip hotels is more relaxed than usual with the low number of tourists. Even the gambling wheel doesn’t stand still, even if compliance with the mask requirement is strictly monitored.

But at least the entry stop for Europeans, which has been in force since March 2020, is currently being discussed in the US government and we are cautiously optimistic that something will happen here soon, so that we will soon re-enter - albeit with a mask and a safe distance allowed to.


Corona situation Las Vegas: current status (02.10.2020)

The good first

The good news first: during the last few weeks, the number of new corona infections in Las Vegas has decreased significantly compared to June and July. This is certainly also due to a - now very strict - mouth-nose-mask requirement that the casino and pool areas consistently implement.

A distance of at least 6 feet (equivalent to 1.80 m) is now also mandatory. Most of the big hotels, such as Wynn, Treasure Island, Mirage, MGM Grand, New York New York, The D, Caesars and Golden Nugget have reopened their doors - and they are all atypically very low occupancy in Las Vegas.

And, of course, the casinos in all of the hotels mentioned are welcoming gamblers again, albeit with strict conditions. The dealers sit behind plexiglass panes and, of course, spacing and hygiene rules also apply here.

The bad news for everyone traveling to Vegas

And the bad news? As of today, it is still not foreseeable when the Travel Ban for Europeans will be lifted again.

Since we unfortunately do not have a magic crystal ball, forecasts are speculative for us too - but we are cautiously optimistic and assume that something will happen here in the next few months, which will certainly also be related to the outcome of the presidential election.

We will of course keep you up to date and hope that the distance and hygiene rules will lead to a further decrease in new infections, so that we can travel safely again soon.


Corona situation in spring: current status (13.05.2020)

What is the current status in Las Vegas?

Nevada's Governor Sisolak has published a 4-step plan that will gradually reopen the state. What does that mean in concrete terms?

Since Saturday, May 9th, individual corporate sectors such as nail salons, hairdressers and retailers have been allowed to reopen - but of course with conditions, i.e. the usual distance regulations continue to apply.

Several wedding chapels and the Marriage License Bureau have also reopened, but here too they follow strict hygiene regulations.

Phase 1 runs through May 30th. When the next phases begin depends on the development over the next few weeks and of course the number of new infections.

When will hotels reopen?

Here, too, there are no exact times - the first hotels, including the Wynn, are already planning to reopen on May 26th.

Other hotels will certainly follow suit soon. But here too, strict hygiene regulations will apply, which means wearing a face mask, distance regulations and regular hand disinfection.

How will the coronavirus change gambling?

The casinos will have to meet strict requirements, i.e. fewer people at the gaming table, a plexiglass pane between the dealer and the players, fewer machines in operation.

The phase in which the casinos will be allowed to reopen has not yet been determined.

How is entry to the USA regulated?

The entry ban has been in force unchanged since March 13th. This means that tourist travel to the USA is currently not possible for Europeans.

It is not yet clear when this decree will be repealed, but the next few weeks will certainly provide clarity here as well. The ESTA visa can still be applied for now.

What about the night clubs / pool parties / big events?

Here, too, official announcements will have to be waited for.

However, we assume that parties and events with many people, as we know it from Las Vegas, will not take place / only to a small extent throughout 2020 in order to be able to control the number of new infections.