How can I become a HAM

General information about the HAM-Nat

Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg: Anyone who wants to secure one of the coveted study places for human medicine or dentistry in one of these cities cannot avoid the HAM-Nat - the Hamburg science test. The HAM-Nat was first used in the winter semester 2008/2009 and has been held every year in mid-August (or mid-February for beginners in the summer semester) in the three cities mentioned above since then.

Specifically, the HAM-Nat is a multiple-choice test that tests basic knowledge at the Abitur level from the medically relevant subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Since it is a pure knowledge test that can be learned very well, comprehensive preparation is essential. The universities of Hamburg and Magdeburg provide a catalog of topics on their websites in which the areas that are specifically queried are listed in key words:

Hamburg: Download the topic catalog
Magdeburg: Download the topic catalog

The HAM-Nat comprises approx. 80 questions that you need 120 minutes to answer be available. The allocation of the 80 questions to the subjects biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics differs from year to year. In contrast to the test for medical courses (TMS), which is used at many other German universities to select applicants, you can repeat the HAM-Nat - if you fail it - as often as you want. But it also applies: if you fail, you cannot “copy” the test, so you will not receive any points. (This also applies in the event of illness!)

Ham-NAT is currently free of charge, so no test fee is charged. The costs for the journey and the accommodation must of course be borne by yourself. Aids such as calculators, formulas and notes are not permitted in the test. Cell phones or other technical devices such as tablets are of course not allowed during the test.

As a first step, you have to choose one of the three locations - Berlin, Hamburg or Magdeburg. In order for you to be considered at your desired place of study, you have to state this in the first place in the location preference.

From the applicants with the first location preference, a certain number of applicants with the best Abitur grade will be invited to the HAM-Nat: 850 in Berlin, 1400 in Hamburg and 675 in Magdeburg. You will receive the invitations by email a few days before the test date - so it is important that you check your emails regularly!

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say in general up to which high school graduation the applicants are invited to the test, since the “best” receive an invitation. As a cautious guideline: In the 2015/2016 winter semester, the following limit ranks were valid for human medicine, up to which applicants were invited to the HAM-Nat: 1.6 for Berlin, 1.8 for Hamburg and 1.9 for Magdeburg.

The universities of Berlin and Magdeburg only use the Abitur grade and the results of the HAM-Nats to select their applicants - in Hamburg you also have to complete a selection interview (HAM-Int interview).