What are alternatives to venture capital

Risk capital for SMEs

You are looking for financially strong people Investorswho invest in your business model and drive the development of your company? We bring venture-minded entrepreneurs together with risk-conscious investors who Venture capital invest in promising SME projects.

Risk capital as a growth driver in the economy

Venture capital or Venture capital is a financial participation of private investors in companies. Institutional investors also participate as providers of venture capital and invest in innovative ones Companies, established medium-sized companies and SMEs. With venture capital, too Venture capital called, promising business models are financed and the corporate development of high-growth medium-sized companies promoted. Taking up risk or venture capital is therefore not only interesting for very young companies in the growth phase. If the company valuation is positive, equity providers use their venture capital in the financing phase to support the company's development.

Discover the benefits of raising venture capital

The advantages of raising risk capital are manifold: Investors put equity capital in the form of Equity in the company. These financing Using equity or mezzanine capital offers balance sheet advantages over traditional external financing through loans and bank loans. This gives you better conditions for follow-up financing, builds up stable mixed financing with strong investors behind you and thus reduces your dependence on your house bank.