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Is another football possible?

The reform process in professional football should get going, a task force of the DFL wants to start work. Fans, clubs and the DFB have already made suggestions.

September will be an exciting month for German professional football - and not just because the new Bundesliga season begins. In the coming weeks, the reform process in professional football should get going. Then it will show whether the German Football League (DFL) actually intervenes in the system to correct it, as its managing director Christian Seifert had promised in the spring.

Professional football task force - people and content open

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, it became clear that there was a need for change, when the threatened discontinuation of a TV rate was enough to provoke existential fears in numerous clubs. At that time, Seifert had announced a "Professional Football Task Force" and, among other things, was open to capping the salaries of consultants and players.

So far it is still unclear who exactly is to form the task force and which topics will be negotiated in it. At the latest meeting of the AG Fan Cultures, in which the DFL and DFB regularly exchange ideas with fan representatives, Seifert said that in addition to external people from various areas, as well as representatives of the clubs and the DFL, representatives of the fan organizations would also be involved.

The task force should design feasible ways for the future, which will then be examined by the responsible DFL committees. In this process, the task force can build on reform proposals from fans, clubs and the DFB.

Football - Bundesliga - fans with a concept instead of a lot of noise

The organized fan scene used the Corona break to develop proposals for the redesign of professional football. And that puts the DFL under pressure to act.

2,650 fan organizations have now signed the declaration of the "Our football - grassroots, sustainable, contemporary" initiative, which calls for, among other things, a more even distribution of TV money, the introduction of national financial fair play and the clear limitation of investor influence. Concrete reform measures are currently being worked out.

Initiative spokesman Manuel Gaber told zdfsport.de:

If the fans come up with well-developed proposals for sustainability and social responsibility, the associations have to find good arguments not to implement them.

Manuel Gaber

St. Pauli prepares reform paper with fans

Gaber continues: "When it comes to economic issues such as the reallocation of TV money or economic sustainability, every club also has its own interests, but here too we expect significant reforms."

FC St. Pauli has worked out another reform paper together with its fans under the title "Another football is possible". Among other things, it calls for the distribution key for income to be modified in such a way that "association structures are given priority according to the 50 + 1 rule."

DFB wants to make football sustainable

And the DFB also published a five-point plan for more sustainability back in May. Among other things, it is about salary caps and new standards of success.

"In the coming weeks and months we would like to continue the constructive exchange with all interest groups," said DFB President Fritz Keller. "A process in which the fans play an important role."