What is Internet Connection Diagnostics

Use the network diagnostics to check the Internet connection

Thomas crossbows

If the internet connection does not work, you get the error message "There is no connection to the internet" in Safari

If you click there on the button " Network diagnostics ", starts the program of the same name, which helps step by step with troubleshooting. If you use a different browser, you start the network diagnosis in the system setting" Network ". There you click on" Assistant "and in the window that opens on" Diagnosis ". The first thing to do is to specify the port via which the Mac is connected to the Internet. For example, if the program detects that the port is deactivated, it prompts you to switch it on. If there is no information about the WLAN to be used, the wizard lists all available networks If the settings are correct and the connection ng still does not work, you will also be asked to check the hardware, for example to restart the Routers .