How is it that successful people don't complain?

What distinguishes successful from less successful people

However, many people stand in their own way and make life unnecessarily difficult. If you then meet people who seem to be successful, the whole thing is even more frustrating and you often wonder how these people do it. So what do successful people do differently? Of course, there is no recipe for success that will definitely lead you to success. But there are personality traits and mindsets that successful people have in common that may be holding you back from your big breakthrough. Today we would like to introduce you to 11 of these properties, because emotional intelligence can be trained. So do the same as the successful ones and move a little closer to your dream!

1. Think less, do more!

Of course, successful people think about their new business idea or project and calculate the entire undertaking from start to finish. The difference to less successful people, however, is that they do not wait forever, but instead, after forging a successful plan, take action to implement what they dream of. Successful people want to make something of their life. They have determination and determination and take their luck into their own hands.

2. Solution-oriented work

Many people fix themselves too much on a certain problem and thus intensify their negative feelings and the stress associated with the project, which significantly affects performance. People who are prone to brooding over problems should be less concerned with the problem itself than with how to improve the situation. So instead of repeatedly dealing with the “what if?”, Successful people go there, look for the best solution for themselves and then implement it. Instead of waiting for too many negative thoughts to arise about a problem, you deal directly with the problem.

In general, less successful people focus too much on what is going wrong in life and keep going back to their mistakes. Good days are completely ignored. So it is always fixated on bad days and small successes are often overlooked and taken for granted. People who have not yet made a breakthrough usually attribute mistakes to personal deficits that they believe they cannot fix. However, it is important to make mistakes in order to learn from them. This is the only way to change your habits. Successful people have learned this and deal with their mistakes differently. They view mistakes as something that they are in control of and that they can fix and do better in the future.

3. Conquer fear of failure and take risks

As mentioned earlier, people with a high level of emotional intelligence can better control their emotions. They understand that it is their own choice whether to give fear a lot of space in their lives or to go through life cautiously forever. Successful people have understood that it pays to overcome fear and take risks from time to time. After all, everyone knows the feeling when you have overcome your fear. You feel much stronger than before and are proud of yourself. Successes like this also strengthen our self-confidence and make us feel happy. When faced with a hurdle, you should always ask yourself what can happen in the worst case. It's about learning for yourself that making mistakes is not a knockout argument. After all, mistakes have to be made in order to learn from them in the future. Only those who understand this can dare to do something new and look forward to their success.

However, many people haven't internalized this yet and feel more confident about waiting their entire lives. You are not willing to take risks. Of course, it is good to make careful decisions and to think enough beforehand whether what you are going to do is really the right thing. Nonetheless, a decision cannot be made out of fear. Because when we are fearful, we stand in the way of ourselves and a longed-for change. If you also belong to this kind of person, you should from now on no longer block yourself from new ideas and also have the courage to try something out. This is the only way to create innovations. It's best to start with a small change and if it has the desired effect, this will encourage you to try more new things in the future.

4. Letting go and living in the here and now

As you take risks, so too does the likelihood of failure. These can reduce our self-confidence and make it difficult for us to hope for a better result in the future. However, emotionally intelligent people know that the principle of success is not to let failures slow you down and keep getting up. However, this is only possible if you live in the here and now and leave the past behind. People with a high level of emotional intelligence understand that what they have may only be temporary. Because of this, they can more easily let go and deal better with losses. Even if your business fails, don't hang your head for long and get up again to start a new business.

Most people are unsettled by failure. If something went wrong once, why should it work next time? But you cannot believe in your success if you live in the past. Therefore, direct your gaze forward and try to come to an end with the past. Because what matters is not the past, but what you make of it. Take a look at the successful ones and focus on the here and now. They manage to look back at the past and see the positive things that have brought them to where they are now. This is the only way you can muster all your energy for the present and fully develop your own abilities.

5. Stand by your opinion

Successful people stand by their opinion and dare to express it. They do not allow themselves to be misled by the opinion of others and rely on their own judgment.

Someone who always wants to please everyone makes himself dependent on others. However, this means that your own self-esteem is also determined by others. So you should think less about what others think of you and what you are doing. That costs you unnecessarily energy and time. It also leads to you giving others power over your actions. Of course, you should gratefully accept advice and be aware of your surroundings, but your decisions should be made by you and not by anyone else.

6. Done is better than perfect!

Emotionally intelligent people are not perfectionists because they understand that no person is infallible. If we set ourselves the goal of perfection, it will only frustrate us because we will always feel that we are failing. With perfection as the goal, you are constantly confronted with what you could have done better. However, this blocks the way for us to be happy about what we have achieved. It is not without reason that there is the motto: Done is better than perfect! Of course, everyone should set themselves the goal of doing their job as well as possible. However, attention to detail takes a lot of time. Here you should really decide which tasks perfectionism is worthwhile and which not.

7. Create a positive environment for yourself

Who does not know that: people who complain day in and day out and complain about what is not going well for them. Such people should be treated with caution, however, because they can drag your own mood down. Of course, you shouldn't be rude to such people, but you should try to steer such people in a positive direction, for example by asking them how they are going to try to solve the problem. Before you let yourself be drawn into a maelstrom of negative feelings, however, you should distance yourself a little from them.

Because dealing with the wrong people can pull us down and push our success into the distance. So if you do not succeed in achieving your personal breakthrough, you should also take a look at your surroundings after your own detailed analysis. Maybe we are not even standing in each other's way, but someone who is burdening us with stress and negative feelings. We are very worried about him, but this means that we can concentrate less on our own lives and our success.

Successful people try to cut such connections if possible and create an environment that encourages their creativity and increases the likelihood of getting closer to success.

8. Being able to say no too

Unfortunately, there are many people who find it very difficult to say no. They think it would be rude to refuse and put themselves under pressure. However, people who are reluctant to use this word often experience stress. If you belong to this group of people, you should try in the future not to always please everyone. Because that just doesn't work and it's not impolite to refuse something. You won't be mad at anyone for turning down something if you have a good reason to do so. If you refuse a request, it ultimately also means that you take your obligations that you still have to meet seriously and that you do everything to fulfill them with a clear conscience.

9. Be able to accept criticism and advice

Not all advice is good and not all criticism is appropriate. Nevertheless, friends, colleagues or relatives mean well when they give us advice or express criticism. Everyone who strives for success should be open to criticism and gratefully accept advice. Even successful people can still learn from someone who can take them and their work forward. False pride gets us nowhere. Constructive criticism should therefore be valued, because it can point out things that you will not notice on their own. So good feedback gives you the opportunity to improve. You should not miss this chance under any circumstances, even if criticism sometimes scratches our ego.

10. Take responsibility

Most people usually have a suitable excuse for anything that goes wrong. However, this is the wrong way to go. Successful people stand by their mistakes and take responsibility for what they do. Only those who take responsibility can secure the trust of customers and colleagues and receive important tasks. Always remember that there is no shame in making mistakes. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have made mistakes and still make mistakes every now and then. Mistakes are simply part of life, because no one is perfect. Mistakes are there to deal with them properly and to learn from them so that we don't make the same mistake again in our lives.

11. Educate yourself

You never stop learning. Experts should also continue their education, because the world of work never sleeps and is constantly evolving, so that accumulated knowledge can quickly become out of date if you do nothing to keep yourself up to date. So invest in yourself and keep learning to stay up to date in your industry. Successful people work on themselves and invest a lot of money and time in developing their skills.


The attitude determines success or failure. Many people stand in their own way. They think too much about a wide variety of things, but very few of them have the courage to actually put them into practice. You shy away from taking risks, from failing. But if you don't take any risks, you will never change anything. He will always be careful and prefer to wait and see what happens. If you haven't achieved your personal breakthrough yet, you should reconsider your attitude and imitate the successful ones. Because as I said: Emotional intelligence can be trained!

We hope you enjoyed the article. Perhaps you have recognized one or the other quality in yourself. Do you have any other suggestions for traits that successful people have in common? We look forward to feedback or any other comments.