Why are there so many celebrity divorces

Breakups of celebrities: where does the fascination with love affair come from?

For centuries, marriages established empires. But one of the greatest media forays of the present time is based on a breakup. Kim Kardashian's net worth is currently estimated at 300 million euros. A nice pile of coal, the steady growth of which was made possible primarily by an otherwise rather unpopular decision: the termination of a marriage. Little is known about the exact divorce deal between basketball player Kris Humphries and her, but according to certain "sources" no significant amounts went into one or the other Prada pocket. However, the cannibalized war of nerves that broke out when the couple filed for divorce after only seventy-two days of marriage was worth gold in gold: night flights with a scheduled flight and without a bodyguard (!), Requests for help from a pastor, confessional interview with their mother. Not only the abandoned husband then claimed that both the marriage and the breakup of the same had primarily served to increase the ratings of the family's own reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".

Staging or not, it worked: Kardashian became better known, her body more powerful, and her sphere of influence larger. And the divorce also paved the way for an even more profitable, because more headline-producing and until now apparently more loving connection between her and the rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West.