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Playstation VR 2: Sony insiders confirm new VR glasses

A report confirms what VR enthusiasts were hoping for: Sony wants to bring a Playstation VR 2 onto the market. What's behind the latest rumor?

A report by the business paper Bloomberg reveals problems with the pricing of the Playstation 5. Since some components are not available in sufficient numbers, the production costs would rise to around 450 US dollars per console, writes the magazine on citing corporate sources.

According to the informants, Sony wants to wait for the price announcement from competitor Microsoft before the company sets a price for the console. The Xbox Series X will also be released in late 2020.

PSVR 2 is coming, but not until after the PS5

The report also contains an important detail on the future of Playstation VR. According to Bloomberg's sources, Sony wants a "new version of the VR glasses Playstation VR" launch. It is expected to appear after the Playstation 5 - a fact that corresponds to statements made by Sony researcher Dominic Mallinson.

“There is no reason to bring new VR glasses onto the market at the same time as the Playstation 5,” said Mallinson in mid-2019. From the customer's point of view, it is not great when faced with too many purchase decisions. "You have to buy that and then that - we don't want to send that message."

The VR market needs Sony's commitment

At that time, the Sony researcher also outlined how the Playstation VR could technically develop further. An official announcement from Sony is still pending. The only thing that is certain is that Playstation 5 will support the old Playstation VR. But more is needed for strong market growth.

The Playstation VR is technically obsolete. The tracking system and the controllers were already out of date when the market was launched in 2016. With a new generation of Playstation VR and the power of the PS5 behind it, Sony should be able to inspire many new gamers for virtual reality.

Microsoft is indifferent to the VR market

For the industry, the announcement of a Playstation VR 2 would have one enormous signal effect. Four years after the market launch, the entertainment medium depends on a handful of companies, including Sony, Facebook and Valve.

New Sony glasses should give the market new impetus. Despite technical defects, the first Playstation VR has sold five million times - more than any other VR headset to date.

Meanwhile, the competitor Microsoft is waiting: The Xbox Series X is about to launch without VR support. Xbox boss Phil Spencer let it be known, however, that this could change in the future. If virtual reality becomes more relevant to the market, nothing is ruled out. A Playstation VR 2 could pave the way there.

All further information and rumors about the Playstation 2 can be found in our PSVR-2 Infohub.

Cover picture: Sony, source: Bloomberg

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