How good are Marcelo's skills

Fabio Coentrao vs. Marcelo: Who is the better option for Real Madrid's left-back position?

Madrid. Real Madrid paid an impressive sum of thirty million euros for the commitment of Fabio Coentrao, who comes from Benfica Lisbon - and quite a few fans of Los Blancos racked their brains after the transfer became known: Has coach Jose Mourinho has with Marcelo for the Isn't the left-back position already an option that convinces with consistently strong performances and has proven itself?

When asked about a possible Coentrao signing last season, Mourinho said at the time: “I don't need another Marcelo.” But now he has, and given the high transfer fee, it seems that the Portuguese full-back is now the favorite for the coming season on the place in the starting XI. took a closer look at the two defenders:

MENTAL SKILLS (maximum five stars)

Marcelo is a player who can compete with anyone and who likes to provoke his opponents. The best example is his behavior after the red card against Tottenham's Peter Crouch in the Champions League quarter-finals, when he clenched his fist to cheer, ”said Ben Hayward, editor at Spain.

“He also admitted, according to Dani Alves, that he let himself be carried away by a swallow in the match between Barcelona and Madrid at the beginning of April. Marcelo is often warned, but rarely sent off - he has his emotions under control when necessary. But he's doing everything he can to help his team win. "

Coentrao is a very aggressive player, ”said Luis Mira, Portugal expert at “He gives everything on the pitch and isn't afraid of big games either. In the league games against FC Porto it became clear how important a success against Benfica's big rivals was to him and how much he is committed to his club.

On the other hand, his temperament is also sometimes counterproductive; sometimes acts Coentrao over-hard and tends to lose his nerve every now and then. Last season he was the player with the second most cards at Benfica - he saw seven yellows and two reds. "



 „Marcelo has strong technical skills, a good passing game and we hit excellent crosses when he pushes forward, ”said Ben. “His tackle has improved a lot since his early days in Madrid and, like most Brazilians in this position, he's more of a withdrawn winger than a classic full-back.

Marcelo can also pull inwards, but he is particularly good in interaction with the man in front of him, namely Cristiano Ronaldo. He is good at dribbling and has a strong shot, dangerous from close range as well as from a distance. His positional play is partially expandable, but he has also improved that significantly in the last two seasons - especially under Mourinho, who has reassigned him to the full-back position. "

Luis says: “As a trained winger, he has Coentrao Excellent technical skills, the passing game and the flanks are impressive. After only two years as a left-back, it is surprising that his tackle is so good, although he can also convince with well-timed tackles.

On the other hand is Coentrao a player who doesn't like pulling inwards as they rarely use their right foot. His degree isn't very strong and he rarely tries long-range shots. Since he is not really experienced in the left-back position, he sometimes makes one or two mistakes when moving backwards, which can get his team into trouble. "
Marcelo is not exactly big, but makes up for this with robustness, endurance and a powerful style of play, ”said Ben. “He is almost always able to support the midfield and the attackers. Thanks to his incredible speed, he can compensate for his undoubtedly existing deficits in terms of his concentration and positional play. "

Luis: "Coentrao is a very fast winger who is determined to win and never gives up. His stamina seems limitless. He's not the strongest physically, which is a disadvantage for him in one-on-one against strong players. As usual with smaller players, his jumping power and his headball skills are only average. "

Coentrao was able to convince in the Portuguese league and in the national team, but now he is expected to adapt seamlessly to the new structure, ”said Ben. "Marcelo has been in Madrid since 2007 and has already proven himself there - now Coentrao has to adapt quickly and only then will we be able to say whether he is a better player than Marcelo. "

Luis ‘assessment, however, is clearly in favor of his compatriot:"Coentrao is a better player than Marcelo - but it's not 30 million euros better. ”The overall rating of our comparison suggests a different judgment: Marcelo beats Coentrao by two points.

Your opinion: Which of the two has the better chance of a regular place?