What are some tips for cooking catfish


The catfish usually grows to a length of one to two meters. (Photo by: © keantian / fotolia.com)

The catfish (also Catfish called) is a Predatory fishwho is mainly out and about at night. During the day he buries himself in the sand and waits for the night. In winter the catfish is hardly active and hardly eats at all. The catfish reproduces mainly from May to July.


  • You can recognize the catfish by its Beard threads. There are two exceptionally long beard threads on the upper jaw, while four more short ones start below the mouth.
  • The mouth is equipped with small brush teeth, the lower jaw is slightly forward.
  • The fins of the catfish are represented differently depending on the size of the specimen. The dorsal fin can consist of three to five fin rays, while the characteristic, very long anal fin can have up to 92 fin rays.
  • The back of the catfish is very dark in color, with shades of black, blue, brown and green.
  • The skin is dark marbled. Towards the belly the color becomes lighter and lighter until it finally turns into a blotchy white. The belly and the sides can show a slightly reddish sheen.
  • The catfish (= largest freshwater fish in Europe) becomes common 1-2 meters long, whereby much larger specimens weighing up to 150 kg have already been caught.

Info: The catfish has almost 165 kcal per 100 grams but only around 11 grams (almost only monounsaturated or polyunsaturated and therefore good) fat.


The catfish is primarily at home in warm waters and large rivers. He prefers a soft ground. These conditions are particularly common in Central and Eastern European regions.

Also in Brackish water it does occur, but this applies more to limited spatial areas, for example the region around the Black Sea. The catfish is gradually being made at home again in Europe through stocking.


The catfish is an excellent food fish, which is on the pleasant and sweet taste is due.

Info: The catfish has a firm white flesh, is almost free of bones and does not have to be scaled.

Use in the kitchen

If you are not a fisherman, it is best to buy the catfish from the fishmonger and have it gutted or filleted there ready to cook.

Info: Like most types of fish, the fresh fish should not be stored in the refrigerator for longer than 1-2 days.

The catfish fillet only needs to be rinsed briefly with water before processing and then pat dry with kitchen paper.

Finally, you can prepare the catfish in different ways:

  • Especially in the USA he will be happy fried.
  • However, the white fish is also ideal to grill. To do this, brush it with a high-quality olive oil and grill it for a few minutes on each side, preferably using a grill basket.
  • The catfish is also very good in the pan sauté as well as in oven bake in aluminum foil.
  • The catfish is also good for deep-frying or roasting bread - e.g. in beer batter.

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