What are the chances of success with the lottery

Lotto strategy: Interesting tips for clever lottery players

Success in the lottery is not just a coincidence, strategies help you hit the jackpot. The Romanian economist Mandel plays a legendary role in lottery history. In 1992 he cracked the Virginia State Lottery - a $ 28 million jackpot that cost him "only" $ 7 million. For this he had raised money with a betting association in order to then buy the combinations that he had previously determined with an algorithm. Since the jackpot was three times the cost of all combinations, he succeeded. Unfortunately, he then had problems with the FBI and the CIA, but illegal machinations could not be proven.

Even so, not even algorithms can really outsmart lottery systems, as mathematicians have already proven many times: the probability of winning the lottery can - from a purely mathematical point of view - not be increased. In return, however, the personal lottery odds.

How to increase your lottery win rate!

A few little tips offer good services when playing and help you to improve the odds, which are also completely legal. In the following you will find out what you should take to heart when choosing your personal lucky numbers.

Tip no. 1: Take into account the typing behavior of other players

When the winning numbers 1, 3, 5, 9, 12 and 25 were drawn on April 25, 1984, 69 players were delighted with a win of just € 10,000. This example from the lottery history makes it clear that there are strategies in the lottery that everyone knows and prefers to use. If you don't want to share your lottery winnings, you shouldn't type trend numbers and always keep the betting behavior of other players in mind.

Tip no. 2: Play LOTTO 6aus49 on Wednesdays

The more players submit their ticket, the more likely it is that you will have to share your prize category with other players. Fewer people play LOTTO 6aus49 on Wednesdays than on Saturdays. That means that on Wednesdays the profit for the individual is usually higher.

Tip no. 3: Avoid geometric lottery patterns

Many lottery players feel strongly attracted by the corners and diagonals as well as by supposed lucky number sequences. The result: The "corner numbers" 1, 7, 43, 49, the "diagonal numbers" 9, 17, 25, 13, 19, 31, 37, 33 and 41 as well as sequences of numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6, are among the most frequently typed lottery numbers - even if, statistically speaking, they are not among the six correct numbers more often than other lottery patterns.

Tip no. 4: Be on the lookout for forced payouts

In general, both LOTTO 6aus49 and Spiel 77 can in rare cases lead to [compulsory distributions] (https://cleverlotto.de/blog/zwangsausschuettung/, ie that the mega jackpot in prize class 1 is distributed to the next highest prize class in the there is at least one winner. The logic behind this is largely the same, except for a few small but crucial differences.

Forced distribution at LOTTO 6aus49

Since the drawing on September 23, 2020, the state lottery companies have decided to adjust the previous rule a little. A LOTTO 6aus49 jackpot has since been guaranteed to be paid out as soon as it has reached the maximum amount of € 45 million (in prize class 1). In the corresponding drawing, the principle of jackpot churn comes into play, should prize class 1 remain without a winner.

For you, this means that in the event of a compulsory payout you do not necessarily need 6 correct numbers to clear the jackpot, but you even have the chance to win with fewer hits. So you can move up to the first prize category with just 5 or 4 correct numbers, etc.

Forced payout in the game 77

If no winner could be determined in prize class 1 after twelve consecutive draws, a compulsory distribution will take place.
Because in the case of a drawing without a payout in prize class 1, the jackpot is added to the following drawing. If that was the case 12 times in a row, the jackpot has grown considerably. If the 13th drawing is again without a profit in the first prize class, we have a compulsory distribution and the mega jackpot is distributed in a lower prize class.

Tip no. 5: Don't underestimate the happiness spiral

The GlücksSpirale is a pension lottery. In Germany it is the lottery with the highest lifelong winnings. The main prize is a monthly payment of € 10,000; Month after month, for 20 years or alternatively an immediate payment of € 2.1 million. In addition, the GlücksSpirale supports hundreds of charitable and social projects every year that benefit the general public. A lottery that many don't even notice, so check it out.

Tip no. 6: Don't type birthdays

The numbers associated with special events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. are very popular. For example, the number 19 is typed by an above-average number of people. It is therefore advisable to avoid the monthly numbers from 1-12 and the week numbers from 1-31.
The record of equally typed numbers is in a draw in 2013, in which a particularly large number of players got 6 correct numbers: 222 people had to share the prize. Even if friends and family would otherwise like to bring you luck, birthdays or anniversaries on your ticket are less promising.

Tip no. 7: Play at small jackpots

Small jackpots often have better odds, so the individual win is higher. If the current jackpot is not particularly high, fewer people will notice it, there will be less play and the likelihood that you will be the only person in your winning tier is higher. It is also more likely that your number of hits will turn out to be a profit.

Tip no. 8: Use lots of fields

If so, do it right. Many fields increase your chances of winning noticeably! If you fill out several fields on one ticket, your chance of winning increases significantly for the corresponding drawing (s).

Tip no. 9: Trust chance and use random number generators

The easiest way to find the "unpopular" and less typed numbers is to use chance as you do with the drawing itself. The easiest way to do this is with a generator that independently selects 6 numbers at random: the quick tip.
Similarly, you can write the numbers from 1 to 49 yourself on pieces of paper and put them in a large pot. Then you can let friends and family draw your personal lucky combination.

Good to know: If your lucky numbers haven't hit a jackpot this time, they will have new chances in the next drawing. And even if they have already brought you luck, they can still help you to win again. Because a lottery ball has no memory and therefore does not know how rarely or how often it has been drawn in the past.

Tip no. 10: Save processing fees

Every lottery provider incurs a processing fee when submitting the
Ticket. This is always calculated per note, regardless of how many fields
are filled out. That means it is worthwhile to use many fields of a note in order to fully utilize the note. As always, there is a cost for each field, but the flat fee of € 0.60 is only added once.

Tip no. 11: Take advantage of playing the lottery online

Good reasons to play online are that you can't lose your ticket and you can even receive automatic notifications of your winnings. Your successful lottery hits are also displayed in clear diagrams via the Clever Lotto app. In this way you can see at a glance which of your lottery numbers have won how often and which are therefore also part of your six correct numbers. Thanks to Clever Lotto, you not only find your individual lucky numbers, but also develop your very own lotto strategy. There is no easier, faster and more convenient way to increase your lottery win rate.

Note: If you still prefer to go to the kiosk to hold a receipt in your hand, you should make sure that you keep it safe. Because whoever loses his ticket cannot claim a profit.