How does Poland see Sweden

Poland vs. Sweden: Trump-style cliché allegations

The current cliché about Sweden sees the country as a politically correct "failed state", an older stereotype about Poland attests to this tendency towards organized car theft

These clichés clashed at the end of last week - they were served for the first time in a direct exchange of blows by a top politician from Poland and Sweden.

Poland started. Beata Mazurek, the former government spokeswoman and MEP for Law and Justice (PiS) since June, tweeted on August 5th: "Attacks, an increase in crimes, rape, fear and Sharia zones. These are the consequences of multiculturalism and open doors for migrants. Swedes are fleeing their country to find peace and normalcy in Poland. And not long ago the PO (the former ruling party) wanted to take in them (the migrants) indefinitely - horror.

The politician referred to an article in the right-wing internet magazine "wpolityce" and the newspaper "nasz dziennik", according to which 2500 Swedes would leave for Poland (without exact dates).

Such reports are widespread in the media in the government lenght, and the PiS party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski once referred to the no-go zones in Sweden in a speech.

This time the Swedish media picked up on Mazurek's tweeted about Sweden's geography, and the Kingdom's Justice and Migration Minister Morgan Johansson countered: "This is totally out of thin air," he said. "The flow of refugees is going in the other direction. In the years 2017 to 2018 alone, 8,000 Poles emigrated to Sweden. This number is three times greater than the number of Swedes living in Poland."

What we really have a problem with are gangs of foreign thieves, mainly from Poland. Foreigners are involved in half of all break-ins in Sweden and ninety percent in theft of cars, boat engines and agricultural vehicles. If the honorable Member could do something about it, I would be grateful.

Morgan Johansson

This statement was of course gratefully received by the liberal news portals in Poland and aroused the ire of the media close to the government.

But briefly to the facts: The number of acts of violence is clearly growing in Sweden. The statistics show that the sex crimes curve is the steepest. The famous Karolinska University Hospital near Stockholm has seen a forty percent increase in knife attacks.

Sweden is a chilling example in Europe for the right and Donald Trump

According to the opposition Polish news portal, the information about Swedes who fled to Poland came from an internet troll named "Peter Sweden", who is said to have praised Hitler and denied the Holocaust.

What is interesting about the omission of the Swedish minister is that, without giving specific figures, he combines a nationality with crime statistics. This is actually not allowed in Sweden, if it is also called for by the right-wing Sweden Democrats. In terms of content and nature, the Swedish minister has thus proven himself to be a "student" of the current US president.

The fact that Donald Trump had damaged the country's image with his statements about Sweden's migrant violence at the beginning of 2017 has been and is repeatedly lamented in the Kingdom (Trump causes image problem for Sweden). Most recently there was bilateral resentment about rapper "ASAP Rocky", who was arrested in Stockholm in July for assault and allegedly injured an Afghan with a glass bottle. Trump repeatedly put pressure on the Swedish government to release it (Swedish judiciary is unwavering to American pressure).

Both Polish and Swedish rights see the "Polish model" as desirable - a nation that refuses to accept the dangerous flows of refugees and secures its borders, even if Poland continues to be a Schengen member and is proud of its national culture and tradition.

Sweden, on the other hand, with its openness to other ethnicities, cultures and religions and the resulting difficulties, is seen as a deterrent example in Europe. The New York Times recently reported that the alt-right movement in the US and Russian string pullers, who maintain relationships with Swedish news portals such as "Fria Tider", are also involved in this "chilling example".

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