What is GChemPaint

Chemical drawing tools

Evaluation criteria

In order to be able to evaluate the following programs correctly, I will try to draw a grape sugar molecule with each of these programs. The programs are then assessed under the following aspects:

  • Export options (PNG, JPG, SVG) - Is the resolution high?
  • Intuitive operation: can you use the program without reading the operation?
  • GUI: Is the interface well structured?
  • Structures: Can you depict different types of bonds?
  • Import options: can the files be exported as mol, cdx, pdb, ...?
  • Templates: Are certain structures already prepared?

Tools for Ubuntu

ChemTool 1.6.10


sudo apt-get install chemtool


Chemical structures can be easily drawn with ChemTool. What I am missing here, however, is a functioning export to JPG / PNG format and a possibility to draw free electron pairs.
ChemTool - official website

BKChem 0.12.0

sudo apt-get install bkchem

BKChem - official website

EasyChem 0.6

sudo apt-get install easychem

EasyChem - official website

GChemPaint 0.8.7

sudo apt-get install gchempaint

GChemPaint - official website

JChemPaint 2.0

JChemPaint - official website

XDrawChem 1.9.9

sudo apt-get install xdrawchem

XDrawChem - official website

Tools for Windows

  • ChemDraw: Drawing 2D structures
  • ISIS / Draw: Should be easier to use than ChemDraw
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