Is Jyotish real or fake

What is Rahu Kaala?


Rahu Kaalam is a calculated time of that day (unique and applicable to every day) that is considered an inconvenient time for religious activities. Muhurta is generally charged for religious activities related to the good of society. First and foremost, Muhurta arrived to get information about planetary positions to make sure they are in the correct position to accept offerings made during puja or religious ceremonies.

As times change, it has become fashionable to apply these principles to individuals in lieu of religious activities in order to join a new job or start a new job ... etc.

Work started or initiated during this time is considered unsuccessful. Unfortunately, few people know they turn to Jyotish to fix Muhurta for bribes (real, no kidding).

However, no muhurta is required for regular work.


Can you explain how the Rahu and Ketu times are calculated in Panchangam? My imagination has no direct or indirect relationship to visible planets (such as the solar eclipse period). Rahu and Ketu timings cannot be calculated. If not, the initial timing reference of Rahu and Ketu must have been given by the Rishis (without specifying the relationship to visible planets) and we have added a constant number to update the timings as the days progressed . If the former is the case, it is this relationship of Rahu and Ketu to other visible planets that I want to know.