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Conlance - App and software development in Augsburg

Customer testimonials

  • Fast and personal support
  • High qualification level of the employees
  • Good team spirit

- Flo (see proven expert)

I can only recommend this company, if you need individual programming, this is the right place for you.
The product is easy and understandable to use, reliable, punctual and very friendly!

- Michael Beierl (see Google)

Together with our colleagues from Conlance, we had developed a new web application. We really liked the cooperative collaboration at eye level and the quick understanding of the technical requirements.
Solutions were implemented pragmatically and problems were quickly resolved. Thanks a million for that!

- Lukas Lindqvist (see Google)

Great job! We love our app :-)
With the Conlance team you have a reliable partner with creative ideas, quick implementation and problems are solved directly.
Everything fits here from A-Z. We thank you for the great implementation and look forward to our future projects with you!

- Michaela Weigang (see Facebook)

We used to work with bloated Excel lists in our company.
The team around Mr. Görlitz was able to create a great new program for us in no time, which not only makes our work easier, but also protects us from losing data in the future. We would recommend the team at any time!

- Liam Hitchens (see Google)

The company Conlance was commissioned with the relaunch of the website Especially with regard to the enormous amounts of data, the complex links and the deep, grown structure of the site, this was a task that required competent and thoughtful staff.
Conlance did justice to this task astonishingly quickly and also set its own meaningful impulses. An unexpectedly quick relaunch succeeded, from an old, large dinosaur site to a highly mobile-optimized website. Thank you for the good work - absolutely recommendable.

- Thorsten Franzisi (see proven expert)

The cooperation in the context of an agile development project was excellent. Requirements were almost always understood straight away, if something was unclear, meaningful queries were always made. Thinking errors in our requirements were recognized independently and good alternatives were shown.
Conlance attached great importance to a sensible test procedure, a minimum test coverage was mandatory for all developers, in the case of particularly sensitive points, additional automated tests ensured that no undesirable side effects would occur even if the plan was changed.
You can tell that the boss himself has many years of development experience and demands his high quality work standards from his employees. Gladly again!

- Benjamin Schötz (see provenance expert)