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Exercise for reading comprehension German A 2

Lena is now 15 years old and has some news to report. For example, she has fulfilled a great wish. And Lena has now also found her style in terms of fashion.

Exercise for reading comprehension German A 2 - We are 15

Read the 6 statements and the text. Which statements are correct?

We are 15 - Lena

Lena is now 15. What did she do last year? Has your life changed? What's new at school?

From 15 you can work in Germany. Like many other young people, Lena used this to supplement her pocket money. During the summer holidays she worked at the bakery in the neighboring village. Lena had to get up shortly before 6 a.m. and take the bus to work. “I was pretty much knocked out at lunchtime,” she says.
Lena saves the money she has earned for her trip to America. There will be a student exchange going to Florida in the next Easter break.

The holidays ended with a nasty surprise. Lena had to go to the hospital with appendicitis and have an operation. It happened very quickly, but it completely messed up Lena's daily routine: one week no school and several weeks no saxophone lessons, no orchestra, no judo training. Above all, she misses sport very much. Lena has been with a new judo club since the beginning of the year. She is now blue belted and usually trains three times a week.

Lena has been in the 9th grade since the summer holidays. “The demands have increased enormously,” she says. French is the third foreign language on her new schedule. In the minor subjects, the teachers regularly give homework. There are also oral and written tests. A lot has also changed with the students: five have left the class and nine have joined the class.

The student council, in which Lena works, has a new logo, a newsletter and its own website on the Internet. “This public relations work was important to us,” says Lena.
Lena fulfilled one of her great dreams in the spring: she bought her own computer with her savings. Building her own homepage, chatting and writing e-mails - she can now do that without her brother or father wanting to use the device. She no longer finds computer games so interesting. “I sometimes play Sims in the evenings to relax, but mostly only for a short time,” reports Lena.

Lena has found her style in terms of fashion: “Sporty and chic.” Sometimes there are still discussions with parents about it. “Today boys and girls sometimes wear the same clothes. They don't want to see that! "

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Source of the text: JUMA 1/2004.
Didacticization and publication of the text with the kind permission of the Federal Office of Administration - Central Office for Schools Abroad

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