Does it snow in a country like Cyprus?

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January is the coldest month in Cyprus. Although the climate in January is pleasantly mild for European or Russian visitors compared to their home countries, Cypriots, on the other hand, see January as cold and uncomfortable. in the Troodos Mountains is snowing it regularly.

January is also that rainiest month all year round. On average, it rains for ten to eleven days and 73mm in January. Rainfalls usually last several hours, and there are often thunderstorms. The mountains in the interior of the country receive most of the precipitation. There is up to 1,000mm of rain here per year. At lower altitudes, however, it only rains around 350 to 450mm per year.

The Weather is in January quite inconsistent and good for surprises. With a bit of luck, the sun shines from the sparkling blue sky for days and there are t-shirt temperatures. But it can just as easily rain, storm and snow in the mountains. Within 40 minutes you can drive from the sunny coast at 20 degrees to the snow-covered Troodos mountains at -5 degrees.

The Temperatures are around 17 degrees during the day and drop to around seven degrees at night. However, these are only average values; the temperature between the capital Nicosia and Limassol varies by around two to three degrees.

To the Coastal there is a milder climate than inland. In coastal towns such as Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca or Ayia Napa it is between ten and 23 degrees during the day, at night the temperatures drop to zero to 13 degrees.

in the Inland, for example in Nicosia or in the Troodos Mountains, it is cooler with five to 15 degrees during the day and -5 to -10 degrees at night. In this rainy month there is so much snow that it Winter sports enthusiasts for skiing and snowboarding on the slopes.

in the flat land hail and snow are extremely rare, and even if it does snow once, the snow melts as soon as it falls. But there is frost both inland and on the coasts.

The Water temperature differs a little depending on whether you are in the west or east of the island, but is on average 17 degrees.

The humidity is approx. 70%.

In January the Sun about six hours a day. In the course of the month the days get longer again. The shortest day of the month is January 1st with 9:40 hours of daylight, the longest day is January 31st with 10:18 hours.

If you are in Cyprus at the beginning of January, you should not miss the solemn processions and parades in honor of Epiphany in Paphos or Larnaka. But no matter what activity, an umbrella should always be close at hand.