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What you can learn from Efren "Bata" Reyes

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Efren "Bata" Reyes, also known as "The Magician", is one of the most famous, popular and best billiards player of all time. At his weddings - he is now over 60 - he shocked the billiards world with his skills, especially when nobody knew him in the 80s. Even today his game is partly from another planet. We “normal” players will never get there; and yet we can learn a lot from him.

Smile away mistakes

Efren Reyes is not only known for being hard to beat in his prime. He is the favorite player of many professionals because of his incredible calmness. Even if he's one of the best, Efren makes mistakes. If he saves himself (a difficult situation), what does he do? He scratches his head, smiles and then just tries to make the best of it. For example in this situation, which is probably the most famous scene of his career:

(A little explanation of the situation: 9-ball is played wherever the lowest ball has to be hit first. He first tries a safety push on the 5 to hide the 5 for his opponent, but accidentally sinks the 8 and must therefore continue playing himself instead of leaving the difficult situation behind his opponent.)

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The important thing is: This art push could easily have gone wrong. But because he didn't distract himself with anger, but simply tried the best, he managed to save himself and he won the game, the set and the tournament.

The billiard artist

Bata is known as one of the most creative players in the world. He's more like an artist than a pool player at times. He sees paths that no one else sees. And he's ready to try them out. And what looks so easy today, because he has done it thousands of times, is based on the fact that he was always ready to try something new and fail in the process. So, be willing to experiment, especially if you are playing with yourself. Try to understand the game, discover new things, be creative. Discover the player in you!

Have fun with the game!

It doesn't matter whether he's doing well or not: Efren always smiles one another. He still just enjoys it. You can see that when he tries something crazy again and it works. Then he is happy like a little child. It's crazy that a man who has been playing in the Philippines for decades for a living and that of his family would smile, laugh, scratch his head and just keep playing under pressure. Especially as a contrast to us recreational players, who after three bumps that run differently than intended, already scream and scream and want to knock their cue.

So, take Efren as an example and relax a bit!

Photo: By Doha Stadium Plus at cc-by-2.0 on Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7448953004.