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Profession as
Patent attorney

Anyone who believes that patent attorneys just sit in the office all day processing complaints is far from it. The day-to-day work in the patent attorney's profession is even filled with many different tasks. You will work at the most important interface between inventions and innovations on the one hand and the protection of intellectual property on the other, i.e. between technology and law. You can act for private individuals as well as for entire companies.

In your job as a patent attorney you spend a lot of time at your desk, because the processing of mandates, i.e. the preparation of patent applications, contradictions and the like, is in the foreground in your everyday work. In addition, you are the contact person required for all questions relating to the subject of registering a patent or defending and challenging industrial property rights. For example, you advise companies on the planning, manufacture and sale of a new product. In addition, you also give judgments for possible new inventions. In addition, you will participate in negotiations to obtain or grant a license to an existing property right and are the advisory person when it comes to drawing up and concluding a license agreement.

Another major challenge in the patent attorney's profession is international patent law. Here, too, you look after clients competently and are the contact person in these matters. However, you will not work alone on foreign affairs, but in cooperation with law firms in the relevant countries.

In addition to providing advice, you will also represent your clients before the relevant authorities. Whether before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office or the Federal Patent Court, as a patent attorney you are present and represent the interests of your clients.

So primarily you monitor and manage property rights. If a property right is infringed, you can prosecute it through to legal disputes before civil courts or even the Federal Court of Justice. But that's not all. Carrying out novelty and infringement research also falls within your area of ​​responsibility. You will prepare changes to the law and current case law, study the specialist press and document publications of industrial property rights.

If you work as a patent assessor, i.e. as a salaried employee in a commercial enterprise, your main task in the profession of patent attorney is to advise not only the research and development department, but the entire company including management. You accompany the patents of the ideas that may have to make use of a property right until they are ready for approval, formulate the applications and submit them to the German or European patent office. So you work as a patent assessor exclusively for the company in which you are employed.

In principle, you have the option of working as a freelance patent attorney or as an employee. Freelance means that you carry out your work independently. But if you prefer to work as an employee, you need to find the right company.