What if aliens kidnap you

Abducted by Aliens: Explanation for Training Delay

It can happen to a professional soccer player to be late for training. Especially when, like Guillermo Marino, he was kidnapped by aliens on the way.

Football professionals have come up with absurd stories to excuse absenteeism or other misconduct. But hardly anyone can come close to the explanation that the Argentine professional Guillermo Marino had ready for his teammates. As his former teammate Gustavo Lorenzetti remembers in an interview, Marino came to a training session at the joint Club Universidad de Chile far too late. But Marino had a compelling excuse for his absence.

"It sounded very true"

In an interview with the Mexican platform Lado B, his teammate Lorenzetti, with whom he played for Universidad in Santiago de Chile between 2011 and 2013, revealed the secret. Marino said at the time that he had been kidnapped by aliens. "He told us the full story, how he felt about it and all the details," Lorenzetti said in the interview.

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He's only telling the story because Marino asked him to. “There are cases where players say, I came back two days later because I was kidnapped by aliens.’ But Guille wasn't that kind of player, ”Lorenzetti continued. He was a very correct person. That is why his explanation was so surprising. “He started to tell that he suddenly got lost and then was kidnapped by aliens,” recalls his teammate. "He explained to us that they take your soul out, analyze it and take care of you throughout the journey."

Joint alien research

Lorenzetti himself has since believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life: "He gave us a great explanation and we will simply have to believe him." The two of them researched aliens together in their free time, says the now 35-year-old Argentinian, who works for Deportes Iquique today. The way Marino told the story, it sounded very true. However, Lorenzetti did not know whether he dared to make the same statement to coach Jorge Sampaoli.

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