How do computer programmers work freelance

What does a programmer do?

Programmers work in the IT sector. You develop and design software programs for different areas of application. These range from entertainment software to office applications and medical applications.

job profile

Ongoing digitalization means that large parts of working and private life are supported or determined by software. Programmers design Applications for different hardware and thus create solutions for existing problems.

tasks and activities

Programmers are able to create computer programs and use them to solve real problems. These can occur in different areas, for example in medicine or in the financial sector. But video games are also the subject of programming work. Programmers first take an inventory and identify the need for one Software solution. Then they develop a concept, code the corresponding software and create a documentation of the lines of code that you have written.

Usually this first version of the software will follow continuously improvedto meet the needs of users. Programmers therefore actively look for errors themselves in order to optimize the respective application. For the company, an application that is geared to market needs means higher customer satisfaction and thus higher sales.

What are the tasks of a programmer?

  • Development and conception of software
  • Troubleshooting and improvement
  • Optimizing the software
  • Identification of customer needs and market needs

Are you looking for an experienced programmer?

Hard skills and soft skills

Programmers are able to get needed To use programming languages and write lines of code. This enables them to meet the identified customer needs in a targeted manner. Since they often work in large teams, communication skills and the ability to work in a team are also important points.

What does a programmer have to be able to do?

  • Dealing with specialized software
  • Programming languages
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills

Tedious project acquisition?


The demand for skilled programmers remains high due to digitization. As a result, career changers and self-taught people are able to find their way into the profession relatively easily. However, the majority of programmers either go through a training to become an IT specialist or a Education in the field of computer science, mathematics or engineering.


Since the IT industry is very diverse, programmers can rely on diverse ways specialize. Possibilities are the software engineer or the software tester. A specialization is also possible according to industry, because the programming of a video game places different demands on the creator than the coding of medical applications.

Typical industries

Programmers work in not a typical industry. They can be found in many areas. Wherever unsatisfied customer needs are identified that need to be satisfied, they work on solutions to make the everyday work and private lives of customers easier.


The starting salary for a programmer is just under 40,000 euros gross per year. The average gross salary is around 55,000 euros per annum. The senior salary is 80,000 euros. Significantly higher incomes are possible. In each individual case, the income depends on numerous factors, such as the industry and the company, but also on professional experience.

How much does a programmer earn?

Starting salary40,000 euros
Average salary55,000 euros
Senior salary80,000 euros

How much does a programmer earn as a freelancer?

The average freelancer Hourly rate of a programmer 77 euros. Extrapolated to an 8-hour day, that is Daily rate at around 616 euros (freelancermap price index - as of May 2019).

Programmer hourly rate56 €70 €77 €82 €

Q1 means that 25 percent of salaries are below this value. Q3 means that 25 percent of salaries are above this value. The median denotes the middle of all data; 50 percent are above or below. The mean is the average.

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