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Development environment WebStorm 9 brings Meteor and React support

The software manufacturer JetBrains, known for its development environments, has released version 9 of its JavaScript IDE WebStorm. Due to the high demand, WebStorm now offers, among other things, functions that make development with the Meteor framework more efficient.

Among other things, Meteor projects can be created directly from the IDE. In addition, it automatically recognizes folders that contain the built app and does not display them separately in the Project Scope, so that they are not indexed here unnecessarily. There are also automatic additions to API calls and functions to run and debug Meteor applications.

Code completion and syntax highlighting are also available for React and JSX after the update. Refactoring options are also integrated for React. Node.js users can now make use of the Live Edit feature during development, which updates Node.JS applications in debug sessions after changes via hot swap or automatic server restart. In addition, spy-js can now also be used for tracing and profiling in Node.js and ECMAScript-6 source texts.

Further innovations include the integration of the linting tool ESLint and the JavaScript style checker JSCS, which highlight possible inadequacies in the code and provide tips for improvement. The build tool Gulp, the JavaScript library Polymer as well as Apache Cordova and PhoneGap are now supported by WebStorm. For quick experiments without wanting to create entire projects, the developers have finally introduced so-called scratch files. More details on the changes can be found on the WebStorm website. (jul)

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