How do you convert 750ml to grams?

Calculate the basic price

If 250 grams of butter cost 3.95 euros: What is the price per 100 grams? With this online calculator you can determine the basic price of any product. So you can make a price comparison.

To do this, enter the price at which the goods are being sold and the quantity in which the goods are being sold (e.g. 3.95 euros for 250 grams) Select the appropriate unit of measurement (in this case grams) - there is a choice including pieces, kilograms, liters, cubic meters and others - and click on To calculate.

The result shows you the basic price. For grams and kilograms, the basic price is calculated both per kilogram and per 100 grams. For goods that are sold in liters or milliliters, the basic price is determined both per liter and per 100 milliliters. For the other units (pieces, meters for length measurements, square meters for surface measurements, cubic meters for volume measurements and tons for particularly heavy goods) the basic price is calculated on the basis of the respective unit.

According to Basic price regulation the basic price in retail must be indicated on the price tag. However, there are a number of exceptions: On the one hand, the regulation only applies to consumers. If you buy as an entrepreneur, you have to calculate the basic price yourself. On the other hand, discounts do not have to be included. And finally, certain shops and goods are exempt.

Calculate price comparison for different pack sizes

Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.