How do I earn scholarships from school

Financial support during your studies

For example, students with very good grades can apply for a scholarship. But even those who are politically, socially or churchly involved have opportunities. Scholarships are awarded by many different agencies. Here are some examples:

  • Universities
  • Talent advancement organizations
  • Foundations

What you get with a scholarship varies. You will often receive financial support in the form of money. As a rule, you do not have to repay this. Sometimes certain expenses are encouraged instead. This can be, for example, travel expenses or the purchase of books or teaching material.

Here are three examples of scholarships:

  • Deutschlandstipendium: It supports talented and high-performing students in all subjects at state and state-recognized universities in Germany.
  • Advancement Scholarship: It supports talented young people who have completed their training and have at least two years of professional experience who want to start studying.
  • Further education scholarship: It supports talented young people following vocational training under certain conditions with part-time studies.

In addition to the financial support there is one in many cases ideal support. This can help you to make better progress in your studies. It can be advice or coaching by experts.

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