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After the sex scandal: Falwell takes off his hat - for $ 10.5 million

Jerry Falwell Jr. isn't the first evangelical leader to break into a sex affair despite supposedly high moral standards (Image: Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Jerry Falwell Jr. announced his resignation as Chancellor of Evangelical Liberty University in Lynchburg on Tuesday after several affairs. "Thank you, Almighty. I am finally free," said Falwell on Tuesday on NPR radio station. "I'm leaving because, in my opinion, I've done everything I can. It's better to leave when you're on top," the 58-year-old continued without irony.

The Baptist pastor does not have to worry financially: According to the Washington Post, Falwell will receive a severance payment of 10.5 million dollars (8.9 million euros) for his resignation. The university board did not contest the severance payment agreed in his contract in 2019, despite the strange circumstances surrounding his resignation. "There was no reason for it. I didn't do anything," said Falwell.

Admittedly, the evangelical university, which forbids homosexual students to engage in sexual activity even outside of campus, suffered from the Falwell scandals. The affair began at the beginning of the month when the always highly moral Falwell posted a picture on Instagram showing him with his pants open and a strange woman in his arms. A short time later, it became public that Falwell's wife had a sexual relationship with pool boy Giancarlo Granda for years - and, according to the young sex partner, Falwell was in the room and watched the love game (queer.de reported).

Poolboy: Falwell watched us having sex in the Speedo

Falwell now admits that his wife had a long affair with Granda. The former hotel pool boy, whom Falwell had even introduced to US President Donald Trump, is now telling more and more details about the affair: On Tuesday, the 29-year-old said that Falwell had the sexual activities between him and his wife in the room in a Speedo a tight-fitting swimming trunks, followed. "He enjoyed watching us in person or via video cameras," claimed Granda. "He also overheard our phone calls."

In contrast, Falwell's wife Becki now claims that her husband never watched her have sex with Granda. On Tuesday she said that she had cheated on her husband, but he was such a "forgiving" person that he did not blame her for years of missteps. "We love each other more than ever," said Becki Falwell.

The affair is greeted with satisfaction by many queer people, as Falwell has repeatedly accused homosexuals and transsexuals of being "sinners" because of their sexual identity or gender identity. Falwell is also considered an influential supporter of Trump, whom the US president is said to have offered to become education minister after his election victory. Falwell claimed he refused because he could not go to Washington D.C. with his family. wanted to move.

With the fall of Falwell, an era ends at Liberty University. The private university with more than 100,000 students was founded by his father Jerry Falwell Sr. in the early 1970s as an educational institution for conservative Christians and was headed for decades. After the death of the senior, who also continued to polemic against homosexuals, his son took over the university management in 2007. The university spreads many attitudes with which it wants to differentiate itself from "liberal" universities - for example creationism is taught and claims that the earth is only a few thousand years old and that dinosaurs lived in the time of the ancient Egyptians. According to media reports, there are even dinosaur bones on display on the campus, which, according to a label, are 3,000 years old. (dk)