Which superhero power is the best

20 superpowers you've always wanted!

Hand on heart - which superpowers would you like to have? Don't say anything - we bet it's flying, right? There are a lot more superpowers that are really cool. Mind control, for example - or teleportation.

But why do many of us want to be superheroes? Jetting around the globe and saving lives is kind of selfless, but it also brings a lot of fame and prestige. In a way, maybe recognition for our superpowers is what we really want. And of course superpowers also bring us many advantages over others. In this article we will show you which superpowers are possible. Bet your favorite superpower will be there too?

# 1 Be invisible

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This type of superpower would likely be used for the wrong reasons ...

# 2 mega powers

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This is not just about beating someone up. But also to be able to help with moving, for example.

# 3 Being able to heal others

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We don't have to justify that, do we?

# 4 Extreme perseverance

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Imagine du how you can effortlessly walk up and down Mount Everest ...

# 5 Breathe underwater - just like that

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You'd be Aquaman, so to speak.

# 6 Be invulnerable

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Nobody could do anything to you like that! At least on the physical level ...

# 7 time travel

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Whether back to the future or to the past - your choice!

# 8 The ability to see at night

You would beat your cat by far.

# 9 telepathy

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Telepathy would be great fun right now with your best friends, right?

# 10 Extreme speed

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You'd be faster than Usain Bolt ...

# 11 Master all languages

Have you always dreamed of understanding all languages? Bye-bye Duden and Babble!

# 12 atmokinesis

Have you ever taken a vacation to the beach and it rained all the time? With this superpower you could control the weather.

# 13 Climb up vertical walls

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Who doesn't envy a moth? Ok, wrong example maybe ...

# 14 Clairvoyance

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The advantages of knowing future lottery numbers should be clear, but the fact that one always knew about one's future would also have many advantages.

# 16 time manipulation

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You are late? No problem - freezing time is always possible!

# 17 Superhuman body control

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Being more agile than a master gymnast - would be awesome, wouldn't it?

# 18 Can communicate with animals

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There are superpowers that others than you would benefit from. For example, your cat may finally be able to tell you why she keeps peeing in your shoes.

# 19 immortality

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"Who wants to live foreeevver" - you of course, but only if you stay young!

# 20 mind control

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Wanting to control others is the secret fetish of many. And why not ...

What superpowers would you like to have? Tell us in the comments!