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For cardio technicians there is an interesting master's degree that fits into their everyday practice and stimulates their professional career: the MAS in Cardiovascular Perfusion FH. The continuing education course was designed for professionals from nursing, anesthesia and intensive care in order to enable a recognized university degree in the field of cardiovascular perfusion (CP) as well. It is based on the requirements of the European Board of Cardiovasular Perfusion (EBCP) and turns the participants into professional and competent specialists when it comes to the rapidly developing and constantly changing technical environment, the requirements or the patient relationship.


The main focus of the MAS FH course is on practice in an operational setting. It strengthens and increases the skills of cardio technicians in various areas of cardio technology, be it organ transplants, pacemaker therapies, perioperative hemofiltration / hemodialysis, diagnostics, etc.


The course is modular and part-time and includes both face-to-face days and accompanied and independent learning. This enables the participants to organize their time flexibly, but also requires discipline and willingness to learn.


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