Is virtual memory more than hard disk space

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Virtual memory is full what to do

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Virtual memory is full what did xp

Answer 1 from DonRog

Virtual memory is full what to do

Answer 2 from frinam

Great question, really! Promising!

Answer 3 from DonRog

Virtual memory is full what to do

how can I delete it don't know what to do next

can someone tell me how to proceed


Answer 4 from MathMarc

Maybe take a look by which which is full!

Answer 5 from DonRog

I don't even know how to look
where and how ?

Answer 6 from MathMarc

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del (then you are in the task manager)
View -> select columns -> tick "Memory usage" -> OK
Switch to "Processes"
Click once on "Memory Usage" (for sorting)

What is it in the first 5 places, and how much memory does it use?
Do you see a process, from a game or other program, that is running in the background?
For me, Mozilla with its 30 windows has the top position with 104776k ;-)

Some processes like "svchost.exe" occur multiple times, that's fine.

Answer 7 from smover

So if it is about the VIRTUAL MEMORY and not about the normal WORKING MEMORY, you can set it as you want.

you just have to click on "start" then "control panel"
then "performance and maintenance" and then on
"visual effects"

Then a window comes up where you click on "extended" and then increase the VIRTUAL MEMORY to 1024MB for example. You can also have 30 GB if you want, (you NEVER need it) it only depends on your hard drive, because the VIRTUAL MEMORY is like an area that the hard disk uses as a buffer zone for working

greeting smover

Answer 8 from uwei

Buy more RAM and / or enlarge your swap file or clear out the partition on which your swap file is located so that the required space is available.
The partition will probably be full. Don't think that you have a fixed paging file size.

Answer 9 from MathMarc

That's all right, smover and uwei, but that can't be the solution.
My car is using too much gas, so do I increase the tank? Increasing the virtual memory too much can also have a negative impact on performance. As a rule of thumb, the virtual memory (if permanently set) should be twice as large as the main memory. Mine is only 768MB with 512MB of Ram and that works fine.
Besides that:
If the computer had never been running - ok! But it seemed to go so far (I interpret it this way), so you just have to take a look at the resource guzzlers. If you can't find anything there, you can always go buy RAM and hard drives ....

The tip of clearing out the hard drive partition is better.

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