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current language
Select the default language in the list box ' Current language'.
Select another language in the list box ' Current language' out.
The letters on the language button represent the current language.
Click the link to see the current language to change.
Current localization Longint 1 Current language of the application: Standard language or language that is set using the SET DATABASE LOCALIZATION command.
Current localization Longint 1 Current language of the application: default language or language set via the SET DATABASE LOCALIZATION command.
Current language: German | change language
By default this is the current language of the project.
This entry contains a two-letter code that represents the current language for system messages and error messages.
This entry holds a two-letter code indicating the current language for messages and errors.
Configures the one used to play announcements in other menus current language.
Cannot check spelling because the current language no dictionary is installed.
The spelling check cannot be completed because there is no dictionary installed for the current language.
A message gives the current language used for display and printing.
Change the current language for your requirements.
click on the current language (below the viewing area).
You can find out about the current language.
You can use the Get database localization command to find out the current language.
Reservations for the current language is not finished yet.
This thought, though brought from the eighteenth century, perfectly those current language of artistic expression.
This thought, although brought from the XVIII century, translates perfectly to current language of artistic events.
The current language is displayed next to.
Just a simple extension to that current language know in a post or page.
If the current language Is Japanese, the double-byte signature is used; otherwise, the single-byte signature is used.
If the current language is Japanese, the two-byte sub-font will be used, otherwise it uses the one-byte sub-font.
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