Will grind Starbucks beans

How can I grind coffee without a coffee grinder?

In my opinion, the best option is to have someone grind for you. Ask your friends - someone may have a grinder you can borrow, or they may be happy to grind it for you to get some cookies or part of the coffee bag.

If you have a local coffee shop, talk to the barista (about the latte you just bought) and ask if he / she will grind your beans for you. I've heard that even the mighty Starbucks will grind your beans for you if you ask nicely enough.

If you want to do it yourself you need to find a way to get the beans to grind. Some ideas:

Mortar and pestle. Be careful not to make Turkish coffee powder instead of the coarser grains you'd like.

Rolling pin. Put the beans in a heavy ziploc bag or something similar and give them a try. Roll, hit, smash.

Do you have a nice, heavy pan? Ziploc bag again, hammer gone.

Speaking of hammering ...

No, not this Hammer. That hammer.


+1 for a friend or borrowing a mill. If you really don't want to spend $ 20 on a cheap coffee grinder (which can also be used on condiments!) Then none of these other methods are worth it.


I reset editing. The gavel is a serious proposition, and the answer is straight to the point. The MC part of the hammer is a little stab of humor, but I don't feel like it deviates from the question.

Josh Caswell

The mortar and pestle work well, but they take a lot of effort. (I used one on a long car camping trip where weight wasn't an issue but power wasn't always available.)

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If you go with hammers make sure your swings are very short, like a couple of inches and not the "I'm building a house" hammer swing ... It's been a couple of years and I am still finding parts of this black walnut.