Why are luxury hotels so expensive

Tips for booking a hotel: Five stars for the price of two

Well-rested frequent travelers have long known: It is your own fault who pays the advertised prices in the hotel. Because thanks to strong competition, you can save a lot of money with the right tricks. With our tips you can spend an unforgettable holiday in a dream hotel at an affordable price.

The first mistake is asking "the price". Those in the know ask about the minimum rate. Because every large hotel has different rooms, and in the cheapest accommodation in the grand hotel you can enjoy the same service as in the Presidential Suite. Savings: up to 30 percent, in so-called "chauffeur rooms" in luxury hotels up to 60 percent.

Price comparison on the Internet: sometimes not complete

And which house is really cheap? Hotel portals such as hrs.de and booking.com as well as meta search engines such as Bettenjagd, Check24, Discavo, Kayak and Trivago provide an overview. There you can compare dozen of room prices in the desired city with a click of the mouse - in the same category. Savings effect: up to 50 percent.

But be careful: the meta search engines want to live too. That's why they often only compare hotels that give them commissions. Discounters such as Easyhotel and Formule One as well as budget design hotel chains such as B&B and Motel One are therefore often not displayed. Such bargains are more likely to be found on review portals such as Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck.

Book at the right time

Booked at the right time is half the savings. The rule of thumb for professionals is: for the high season, reserve as early as possible. In the off-season it is often cheapest five to seven days before the trip. Savings effect: up to 50 percent.

Early booking or last minute?

Early booking rates are known from package tours. In the meantime, however, you can see them more and more frequently in hotel offers. The Ibis hotels, for example, offer early bird specials with a discount of at least ten percent if you book 15 days in advance.

Often something still works at the end. Last-minute providers like L'tur have long been offering hotel rooms all over the world in addition to package tours. Online travel agencies such as Expedia also have their own areas for such last-minute deals. Chains like Marriott even list their "hot deals" in rows on the pages of the individual hotels, with which one can save 30 percent and more.

Blind booking and voucher deals

Renowned hotel chains often officially don't want anything to do with low prices. This is where blind booking portals come into play. You only book the location and category and only find out the name of the hotel after making the reservation. Providers are, for example, Hotwire, a subsidiary of Expedia, the tour operator FTI with its "Glückshotels" offer and the bidder portal Priceline with its "Name Your own Price" option.

On Ebay, Groupon or Daily Deal, large hotel chains auction vouchers for their hotels at times that are not in demand. With a little luck, you can stay in a Sheraton or Hyatt hotel at a fraction of the usual rate. Shortcoming: The vouchers cannot be redeemed at every appointment.

Multi-day discounts on request

3 = 2 and 4 = 3: business travelers rarely stay longer than one night - private guests do. Many hotels give discounts for multi-day guests on request; but only to those who ask for it. Savings: up to 25 percent.

Trick: create a small group

Traveling with friends: Even two couples are often a group in hotel German. And groups receive special rates - or they go to the neighboring hotel, where they are more accommodated. Savings: up to 25 percent.

What to do if all hotels charge a trade fair surcharge? A look at the package tour catalogs can help. At Dertour, Ameropa or Tui there are hotels at normal prices. Savings: by 20 percent.

New hotel openings are always a savings tip. New hotels almost always offer discounts in the first few months. Tip: The HRS hotel portal has its own page that lists the latest openings (to be found under "Special offers", "Newly opened hotels").

Birthday? Regular?

Is it your birthday? Are you celebrating a big anniversary? Then ask about special offers for your special occasion. Even if the discount doesn't work, every good hotel has at least a bottle of sparkling wine and flowers on the round wedding anniversary.

Regular guests generally live cheaper, at Mövenpick or NH, for example, 10 to 20 percent. The membership card in the bonus club is used as identification. It is often available informally on request - even if you have never stayed with the hotel chain.

"Park, Sleep & Fly"

Are you looking for a hotel at the airport because the plane leaves so early? Then "Park, Sleep & Fly" is the right choice. For a price that would otherwise cost the airport parking space alone, tour operators or websites such as Holidayextras arrange a bed at the airport including a hotel parking space for the car during your vacation.

If you fly to distant countries, especially Asia, you should ask your airline about their stopover program. For example, in the Emirates and Singapore there are luxury hostels for airline customers who fly on from 30 euros per night, and in Istanbul there are even free nights. Icelandair offers cheap stopovers to the USA.

Hotel bargains in the supermarket

Many a hotel bargain beckons with companies that are not necessarily immediately associated with the hotel industry. For example, Tchibo, Aldi, Lidl and Rewe offer fresh travel offers every month, which often include renowned German hotel chains. Savings: at least 50 percent, but often out of season.

But sometimes the wrong season is the right one anyway. Anyone who wants to bathe in luxury for a cheap time can visit luxury hostels with pronounced seasonal business in the "dead" season. In the best ski hotels in the world, the price falls to a fifth of the maximum rate in summer - the swimming pool, service and restaurant are then by no means worse. It looks similar on the Costa Smeralda in winter or on Zanzibar in April during the rainy season.

Same price, better performance

That too can be the right negotiation strategy. Who wouldn't like to stay in a junior suite instead of a normal room during a longer stay? Other popular additions are free entry to the fitness center or a "late check-out" until 4 p.m. Of course, one thing applies to all of these tips: They must be agreed in advance. Once you have moved into your room, the full advertised price always applies.