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The Faculty of Architecture, with its two study programs - Architecture and Landscape Architecture, looks back on a development that began in 1875 with the establishment of the Structural Engineering Department at the Royal Saxon Polytechnic, which later became the Technical University. In 1969, the department that now includes Landscape Architecture was integrated into the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Waterways and Forestry. When the University was reformed in 1994, following German Reunification, an independent Faculty of Architecture was founded.

Since the 2010/2011 winter semester, the Faculty of Architecture has offered the reformed Architecture Diploma, as well as and the Landscape Architecture Bachelor and Masters degree programs. It is also possible to obtain a dual degree in architecture.

The joint training of architects and landscape architects in a single faculty is a special feature in the German higher education environment. These overlapping subject areas can be taught together, even though they are separate study programs. A total of around 1,300 students are currently enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture.

The decision for or against studying Landscape Architecture or Architecture depends on many factors and questions. Am I really suitable for the study program? What will I do afterwards, what do I want to do? And what do I need to consider? Unfortunately, these questions can never be fully answered, just as your personal decision cannot be made by someone else. We have summarized the information that should help you decide.

All the important information about entry requirements, conditions and our degrees is available under the following links:

Central Student Information and Counseling Services
Information about architecture
Information about our Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Information about our Masters in Landscape Architecture

Applying to study

Applications for the Architecture and Landscape Architecture study programs are handled centrally via the TU Dresden Admissions Office. All the necessary information is available online at
International applicants can find information at


What to do after graduation? Of course, nobody can predict the future. But architects and landscape architects are versatile and work in a variety of sectors. Find out about traditional careers and other applications.

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You can only read so much - if in doubt, you need a point of contact. At TU Dresden, there are a number of counseling services - here is an overview.
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