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Manfred Stolpe


of a,

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Obituary for a big one

Brandenburger PAGES 16-17

Let's go to 2020! There is much to do

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Time that



Donut, Politicians, stars say what they say

set out to make our city one

To make a bit more liveable PAGES 4–5

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Less donations,

more democracy

Known as Daimler in April

gave, on donations

to parties too

renounce, brought the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs


Bareiß to the verbal all-round blow

from: That might be

popular, after all

but "irresponsible".

Because it endangers democracy

and be "stupid".

But the CDU politician is wrong.

Even with declining

Emergence is fulfillment

that is enshrined in the constitution

Order of the parties

by no means in danger. you

like in recent years

To cope with budget cuts

have had. But

they are by no means in front of the

Broke. Because large donations

are not the only pillar

on which their funding is based.

Government grants

and membership fees are

much more important. The

Decline in large donations

can even cause that

Credibility of the political

To strengthen actors.

Because the less money goes to parties

flows, the lower it is

the argumentative breeding ground

for conspiracy theorists,

who smell that political

Decisions can be bought

could be. A win,

in polarizing times

as today.


Armin Laschet

North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister

Armin Laschet

(CDU, 58) is in the expired

Year sponsor 162 times



"Multiple children".

54 parents

this 162



in order to

that too

newly introduced

"Multiple money" in the amount of

1000 Euro. Laschet had that

"Multiple money" at the beginning of the year

reintroduced by decree.


receive the legal guardian

since January 1, 2019.

Photo: Federico Gambarini / dpa

Donations are ebbing away

–Parties in need

Corporations and associations turn off the money tap. Especially CDU and CSU

were affected in 2019. Greens for stricter disclosure requirements

Berlin - especially large donations

from industry are for

the political parties one

important source of income.

But corporations and associations

turn the tap

slowly to. That shows

Overview of the Bundestag

for 2019. Especially CDU and

CSU are affected.

Germany's parties had to

one last year

strong slump in large donations

accept. The total sum

went from around

3.1 million to 1.2 million

Euros back. Particularly hard

it hit the CDU and CSU. The CDU

had last year

around one million euros

Large donations received,

but now only

335 002 euros. And the CSU that

2018 still from a donor

with 625,000 euros

was, had to deal with in 2019

95,000 euros.

Nevertheless, the CDU remains that

most profiting party.

As received last year

the AfD also in 2019 none

only major donation. The following

The Bundestag has published figures:

▶ The SPD became 2019

156 600 euros transferred

(2018: 390 001),

▶ the Greens 185,000 euros

(2018: 258 501)

Photos: Michael Kappeler / dpa; Sven Hoppe / dpa

▶ the FDP 200,000 euros

(2018: 386 249)

▶ the left 60,000 euros

(2018: 0).

▶ The Marxist-Leninist

Party of Germany

(MLPD) received 110 055 euros

(2018: 80000) and the European party

Volt Germany

95,000 euros (2018: 0).

▶ The communist DKP,

the 2018 still with a single

Donate 352 420 euros

received, went completely in 2019


Fund political parties

in Germany

especially through membership fees,

Money from the state

and donations. Individual donations

over 50,000 euros

Large donations for all parties 2019 * (in euros)










60 000

RND graphic; Source: Bundestag

95 000

110 055

Also affected by the decline in donations:

CSU boss Söder.

156 600

185 000

200 000

* As of mid-December

335 002



BERLINER KURIER, Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Must do with less money

in the party coffers

get by: CDU

Party leader Annegret


the parties must give the President of the Bundestag

report immediately,

the information "promptly"

must publish. Grants,

those in the year 10 000

Must exceed euros

Name and address of

Donor as well as the total amount

in the statement of accounts

be recorded. He

becomes the President of the Bundestag


From the overview of the Bundestag administration

it is clear,

that the automaker Daimler

no large donations this year

transferred more.

Last year went

100,000 each

Euros to CDU and

SPD. Had in April

the Stuttgart

Group announced

in the future

Party donations too

dispense. On the other hand

paid the

Major BMW shareholders


Quandt and Susanne


also in this

Year each

50 001 euros

the CDU. in the


Year they had

each but

75,000 more

Euro on top.

The green

demanded sharper ones

Rules for the

Party funding.

“We see Greens

need for change for a long time

in terms of party financing.

Demand thereby

we more transparency,

a clear legal regulation

for party sponsorship

as well as stricter ones

Publication requirements


the donations ”, so the

First Parliamentary


Britta Haßelmann.


we are working on specific


covert party financing



To the specialist? For a fee ...

Doctors' President calls for the introduction of a family doctor model - or higher contributions

Specialist practice for orthopedics in Iserlohn, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Berlin - in view of the increasing

Personnel shortage in

Health care calls

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt,

the previously free access

by the legally insured

restrict to specialist doctors.

Reinhard pleaded

in an interview with the editorial network


(RND) for the introduction

of a family doctor model

in Germany.

After that, every insured person should

if you have an illness

always his family doctor first

seek out who then if necessary

referred to a specialist.

“Who has complete freedom of choice

would like to have, so even without

Referral to a specialist

want to go, should higher

Photo: Klaus Rose / imago images

Pay sluggishly, ”said the President

the German Medical Association.

Because these insured

would take the solidary system

significantly more demanding

as a patient, the one

General practitioner as the primary contact

would have.

Reinhardt argued

existed in all EU countries

Regulations to the scarce

Medium and the medical

Personnel as useful as

possible to use. "Only in

Germany have the insured

the possibility of without

medically responsible control

almost all imaginable

medical services too

use without long waiting times.

This uncontrolled use

of resources

we can no longer meet

afford, ”said the medical president.

The unlimited

Value promise go

because of the increasing shortage of personnel

more and more at the expense

of healthcare workers.

“We doctors

work like a hamster wheel.

Time for human

Attention given in an older

emerging society always

becomes more important, stays there

hardly any more, ”he said.

Before the new speed limit

Practical test required

Insurance industry and police unions propose independent scrutiny

They are still on the dump: traffic signs for speed limits are on

130 km / h in a depot of the motorway maintenance depot in Birkenwerder.

Berlin –Indian debate about a

Speed ​​limit on German

Insurance companies have highways


Practical test suggested. So

one could clarify whether a speed limit

really bring more security,

explained the head of accident research

in the whole association

the German insurance industry,


the editorial network

Germany. So far there is

no scientific ones

Investigations. Recently had

Environment Minister

Svenja Schulze and others

SPD politicians for a speed limit

pronounced. Also the

Police Union

(GdP) proposed an independent

Exam. "The federal government

should be a scientific one

Commission expert opinion,

to get valid numbers over

the benefit of a speed limit

to get ”, so GdP vice

Michael Mertens in the Handelsblatt.

With a reduction

the top speed

reduce to 130 kilometers per hour

"the risk

serious accidents with

Seriously injured, ”said Mertens.

Estimates go from

nationwide up to 80 less

Traffic fatalities per year.

Photo: Florian Gaertner / imago images

Photo: BrittaPedersen / dpa

Photo: TomWeller / dpa


Disinterest in the East

Erfurt - Prime Minister of Thuringia

Bodo Ramelow

(Left) criticizes a lack of interest

to East Germany. Of

the federal government would

the eastern German states

“Like hunchbacked relatives

treated ”, says Ramelow

to the "editorial network

Germany “with a view

on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

AIran militia attacked

Washington –The US has

Military strikes against

one supported by Iran

Iraqi militia led, gave

Defense Secretary Mark

Esper known on Sunday.

Five bases of the kataeb

Hezbollah in Syria and the

Iraq had been attacked

it was said.

Yes to compulsory service

Stuttgart –Susanne Eisenmann,

Top candidate of the

Southwest CDU, supports

that of party leader Annegret

Kramp-Karrenbauer ins

Conversation brought general

Compulsory service for young people

Women and men. So arise

another consciousness

for the society.

Journalist threatened

Berlin - The German Association of Journalists


the WDR in the dispute over the

“Umweltsau” satire. The

Protection and security of the

freelance journalist Danny

Hollek are at risk, he said

DJV. Members of the right-wing extremists

Scene marched

in front of his house.

Putin hopes for peace

Moscow –Russia President Vladimir Putin


End of fighting in Syria in

2020 for possible. At

a phone call to Syria

Dictator Bashar al-Assad voiced

the Kremlin chief hopes

that joint effort

contribute to

to finally create peace.





Honor where honor is due!


Kunkel cares

for delicious

New Year's Eve-

Carp out



Rescuers and policemen

Berlin celebrates, but

You have to work


Let's do it!

Donut, Politicians and celebrities want to make our city more liveable

Photo: private / Blende8

It's a good tradition:

Belongs to New Year's Eve

in many families of the

Carp on the table. The

tastiest of their kind

of course from the

Brandenburg Peitz.

That the tasty one

Fish too numerous to the

Donutn comes for it

take care of Dietrich Kunkel and

his colleagues. The 61 year old

Brandenburger is

commercial director of


in Peitz. Has been working for 25 years

Kunkel there, is responsible

for logistics

and selling the carp.

A total of 40 ponds

manages the company,

that is one of the total

23 fish farms

is in Brandenburg. "Over

We have 500 tons in

this year on carp

produced. About 200 tons

come in on New Years Eve

the trade, ”says Kunkel.

The ideal carp is around

two and a half years old, up to

heavy to two kilos. "All

important: it must not be moldy

taste good, ”says Kunkel.

So that this taste

does not come up at all,

become the New Year's carp

in October and

November from the Peitzer

Fished ponds. "You

then come in special

Basins in which there is clear

Spreewasser is located ",

so the expert. NKK




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(Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.)

10969 Berlin, Alte Jakobstrasse 105

Email: [email protected]

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Berlin is a wonderful one

City - a place of longing

for many

People. But Berlin

is also a city with many

Problems: high rents, poverty,

Violence, racism, loneliness.

They threaten the happiness of life

of more and more

Donutn. That it is high time

is something in the new year

To change the fundamentals

the governing Michael has

Müller (SPD) recognized. In its

New Years Address for

In 2020 he is calling for a turnaround

more social cohesion

at. That also inspires others

Politicians, celebrities and

"Normal-Donut“Too good

Resolutions and deeds.

“We are starting a new year

and a new decade. We

everyone associates it with desires

and hopes, ”says Michael

Müller. He personally wants for it

work that in the future all

Citizens of the successes of Berlin

benefit. Müller: "I

want a future that is digital

and is social. Therefore

we do a good job: for

new year we increase that

State minimum wage to 12.50

Euros per hour. ”In addition, I will

with the pilot project Solidarity

Basic income the

Fear of Hartz IV reduced.

The greatest efforts

but would have to fight against

Expensive rents apply. "To

belongs to a safe life

an affordable home, ”emphasizes

Müller. Apartments are

"No goods".

But good politician resolutions

are of course only real then

good when they are in line

stand with the will of the citizen.


Group chairmen




therefore for

2020 before,

on 50

Kiez tours


Citizen CDU politician

even better


Burkard Dregger

learn and for them “die

To run sore feet ”. It may

no gap between voters

and give to the chosen.

“As a politician, I want 2020

when it comes to security,

Housing, schools and

Public transport from the concepts of

Convince the CDU, ”said Dregger.

And as a father he wishes

that despite all this work his

three children (15 to 20 years

old) don't miss out.

Three resolutions, Berlin

and the

World better



the Green politician



collected. The

Interior expert


Amateur athlete

has Benedikt Lux

Green politician

with his

Running group "Green Runners"

decided future for everyone

run kilometers over the

Active Giving website

Donate tree for Africa.

He also wants on January 27th

on the anniversary of the liberation

of the Auschwitz concentration camp the "stumbling blocks"

cleaning in his neighborhood.

And last but not least, Lux ponders

about using the im

2020 rising MPs diets:

“I'm going to get money

to the aid organizations in

Civil protection and rescue services


Worry big

many social thought leaders


the increasing


of society

above and

down, poor

and rich,

left and

right, east

and west. Polit celebrity

Left star Gregor Gysi (left)

Gregor Gysi

writes at the turn of the year

in a contribution for the "Focus",

that people finally

again “a reasonably

plannable life in social

and get public safety "

must - otherwise lead

the development towards “destructive

Moments ". Their own

Contribution to overcoming




sees the




and today

Family Minister



Minister Franziska

Giffey (SPD)

(SPD) in their commitment to

the older generation - and for

the carers of those in need of care.

To enhance the social

Professions have now been decided

been that trainees in

Nursing area from 2020 no

Have to pay more school fees.

In addition, it will be ensured

that it is finally nationwide

an improved training allowance


Looking back on 2019 falls

Ex-Puhdys keyboardist Peter

Meyer on that social


with always




Sharpness led




a downright

more vicious

Sound, about

in the


Discussion, ”says Meyer dem

COURIER. Desires and

want in my own life itself

help that 2020 again





have to learn


Willingness to compromise


show "so



East rocker Peter

Meyer (Puhdys)


Gayle Tufts

who talk

on people

approach: That have

also entertainer Gayle Tufts

and top model Barbara Meier

checkpoint Charlie

SEK use because of

Blank firing idiot



BERLINER KURIER, Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Should in the new year

Berlin is even more livable

become. The

Donut help with.

performed. Want to do this

she will use her smartphone more often in 2020

switch off.


Screen time

is to

high, ”said


Tufts the


One strengthened



Model and TV star

had to Barbara Meier

in the year

In 2020, however, it will be even more consistent

are fought -the

Right-wing extremists. The

writes Anetta Kahane who

Boss of the Donut Amadeu-

Antonio Foundation, in a post

for the


Rundschau ".

Right-wing extremists




Decision-making positions

in AnettaKahane,

all areas


Head of Foundation

pushing social life.

The big question remains

the intentions of the "normal

Donut“For 2020.

A KURIER Blitz survey

yesterday revealed: Less car

drive, protect the environment

and for more cleanliness in

of one's own living environment

worry - that's high in the

Course. It could help

so Hanna

Squire (27)

from Treptow,

at the




of your own


to take with you.

Micaela Schäfer,

Nude model

And finally

do we still have

Naked model Micaela

Shepherd asked.

She has to be very serious

before, 2020

take off less often!

Micaela wants to

something more towards

Design or gastronomy

orientate ...


Bernd Friedel and

Norbert Koch-Klaucke

Kiosk boss

Ali Cetrefli

(56) fights

for cleanliness

–And clears

the garbage in


Park up

he wants in 2020


Gary Goldschmidt

(34) waived

Driving and will

2020 especially with

the scooter

Berlin curves.

Lisa Denger (35)

get on the public transport

um, charged 2020

the environment less.

She also wants something

become more relaxed.

Hanna Squire

(27) from


2020 at


with your

Four-legged friends

always the

Dog poop

put away.

Luis Scheffen (19)

from Friedrichshain

starts again

the running, stops

get fit - and let yourself

the car is standing.

The ruler

Michael Müller

designs in his

New Year speech a

Future concept

for Berlin.

Photos: Friedel, dpa, Wächter, zVg, Imago Images (Simon, Contini, Galuschka, FutureImage, event photo 54, Hübner, Gora)



Sporty Donut

BERLINER KURIER, Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Have a nice party

Berlin –The district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf


in terms of club sports Donut

Front runner. Round

94,300 of its residents

are in clubs or in company sports associations

organized. Is at the bottom

Marzahn-Hellersdorf with

about 16,000 club members.

New favorite name

Berlin - Emilia and Noah

were the most popular first names

For Donut Babies in

this year. Emilia leads

the hit list for a few

Years on, Noah is new

at the top, like the hobby name researcher


Bielefeld reports.

Musical anniversary

Berlin –The Staatskapelle

celebrates her in the new year

450th birthday. After this

Prelude to the anniversary too

New Years Eve and New Years with

Beethoven's ninth recalls

the State Opera in this one

and the coming season

with concerts and

Symposia to the four and a half

Centuries of orchestral history.

Postbus was on fire

Bohnsdorf - During the night

on Monday has in Dahmestrasse

a pickup truck

burned. Policemen started

even before the arrival of the

Fire brigade with the extinguishing work.

Because on the vehicle

a company sign of

Post was attached, has

the state security the investigation



Romeo and Juliet ... are one

inseparable pair of geese.

Who can do the two

a new home with

a large meadow with velvet

Shady places, one

Stable and a bathing facility


Transfer no. 14/3976

Animal shelter Berlin,

Hausvaterweg 39, 13057 Berlin,

Phone: 030/768880,

The animal exchange is open:

Wednesday – Sunday 1–4 p.m.

Photo: dpa